Prosecco and Summer

by Wendy VanHatten


It’s summer and many of us enjoy a nicely chilled glass of bubbly…Prosecco or Cava or Champagne. Have you ever wondered how and why Prosecco is different than Champagne? Other than being produced in the Champagne region of France, that is. One of the major reasons is how it’s made. Most Prosecco is made in the charmat method.

This means it’s fermented in a steel tank. Since it’s not in oak barrels, it picks up no oak flavor or nuances, leaving it with a lighter flavor. You may even be able to taste more of the grape.

Other than your patio, what are some things that pair well with Prosecco? Bubbles and sugar tend to mix well as does spicy food. Many cheeses pair well, too. Or…chill a bottle, pour it in your glass, and enjoy!

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