Smart jewelry that can save your life! invisaWear products allow you to discreetly contact friends, family, and police during an emergency. invisaWear uses the same emergency response technology as ADT, the #1 name in security, so you can be confident help will be there when you need it the most. With ADT and invisaWear, if you’re feeling unsafe, you don’t have to worry about finding your phone, opening an app or making a call. Actually, you don’t have to worry about much of anything. Because safety is built right into your outfit. So relax, help is always at hand. Please visit  to see their full collection!

Rajia’s, CEO/Founder of invisaWear started by complete accident after a scary situation she had. I decided to search for a more discreet safety device but all I could find were big, ugly panic buttons – similar to the ones that my 80-year-old grandmother refuses to wear. It made no sense to me why no other company had thought about creating safety devices that look visually appealing and that’s exactly why I decided to create invisaWear.

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Product shown is the Rose Gold Necklace – This Necklace Could Save Your Life™/ $149

The charm on the necklace has a hidden button on the backside.
If you push the button two times, it immediately texts up to five friends/family members to let them know that you need help.
The text message sends them a link to your exact GPS location.
It works with a mobile app that you install on your phone. The simple setup allows you to choose up to five people that you’d like to notify.
The app also allows you to choose an optional Contact 9-1-1 feature (U.S. Only) which can share your location with 9-1-1 dispatchers during an emergency.
You can also set your phone to play an alarm to deter the attacker or attract other people nearby.
No charging necessary! The battery life is guaranteed to last one year but typically lasts close to two years depending on the usage. The app will automatically detect once the battery is low, and sends a notification to purchase a discounted replacement charm. Replacement charms start at $99 and you’ll have the option to upgrade to another style.
Our 30-day satisfaction guarantee ensures you’ll love it, or your money back.
This necklace is perfect for:
College students
Real estate agents

Runners or fitness enthusiasts
Someone testing out online dating
New drivers
Rideshare passengers or drivers
People who work late at night or alone
Anyone with a medical condition or disability
Seniors who don’t want to wear an ugly panic button
Any loved one that you want to make sure is safe

Materials: Brass, zinc, plated in rose gold tone

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