Infinity X1 not only designs and manufactures hybrid technology, but also Smart Adaptive lighting technology that can improve the way you see your surroundings to the eye’s maximum vision. The faster the world gets away from single-use technology, the better we will be able to continue exploring our environment without causing harm to the places we love.

Infinity X1 was created with the goal of transforming lighting from one-time use with limited function to more advanced, unlimited power products for everyday use. We want to show that lighting items don’t have to be disposable and hazardous, but may instead be long-lasting, highly useful, and adaptable to their surroundings.

Infinity X1 lighting helps transition from “one use” products to products with extended reuse value, as well as changing the way we think about portable power. Infinity X1 Dual-Powered Aircraft Aluminum Flashlights offer four power and size options and feature high lumen counts, three lighting modes, IPx4 water resistance and 1 meter drop protection. Build a rechargeable future and keep batteries out of landfills with Infinity X1 high-tech functionality and portable power.

Infinity X1 flashlights can be a useful, undaunting, and easy-to-carry tool with multiple purposes. Not only can it light up dark and potentially dangerous parking lots and buildings, but it can blind predators and act as a self-defense device. These flashlights have an aircraft grade aluminum exterior and the 1500 and 2500 Lumen can fit in a purse, ensuring that wherever women go they can confidently bring it with and protect themselves in threatening circumstances.


As part of their dedication to sustainability, the company uses recycled materials whenever possible, utilizing renewable sources, limit the size of their packaging to lower their carbon footprint, and design their products with their unique Hybrid Power Management technology. AND… Infinity X1 is the best source of light to guide the way. Your flashlight will survive for years to come thanks to its aircraft-grade aluminum exterior as well as its variety of Hybrid Power choices.

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