Most people define “grinding” differently. For Grind On The Go’s founder, Brittany, she’s all about pursuing your dreams and designing a life you love. And how that looks is different for each person. This is our product showcase of Brittany and Grind on the Go…

Created from her love and passion for pursuing her goals, Grind On The Go pays homage to the person working early mornings and late nights to achieve their goals. From the mom making sure she has a safe and loving environment for her kids. To the grad school student working two jobs, yet still making time to submit papers. She sees you. She identifies with you. And Grind On The Go is a way to celebrate all you do.

Grind On The Go is more than a coffee company, it’s a community. It’s a marriage of two grinds: coffee and hard work.

The mission is to serve the community with great coffee and excellent customer service while encouraging people to pursue their dreams. The unique features of Grind On The Go will benefit and support local businesses to include advertisement opportunities, partnerships, and alliances.

About the Owner

Brittany Yates, CEO Grind on the Go
Brittany Yates is a serial entrepreneur with a heart for small and local business owners. She understands the peeks and the pits of starting and building a sustainable community business. Brittany is an advocate for entrepreneurship and is committed to helping businesses and giving back to local charities.

About the Product

Grind On The Go was founded in 2019. Since its inception we’ve provided high quality and premium loose teas and coffees, sourced from regions across the world to include Ethiopia, Columbia, Guatemala, and more. All of our coffee is roasted in small batches to ensure a consistent quality and consistent roast in every batch. Our target market consists of individuals who are on the grind and have a desire to be a part of a community that helps encourage them to pursue their grind. Whatever you grind is, that is what we encourage you to put your heart into; if it’s a single mom, a student, 9-5 worker, entrepreneur, or stay at home mom or dad we want you to be the best you can be. That said, we fill the need of bringing quality coffee and tea together to build a community to encourage people to pursue their grind. We aren’t just a coffee and tea company, we are a community. Grind On The Go has been featured in Good Morning Washington, CBS Baltimore, and more.

Holiday Box: Each box Includes: Recipe cards, Reusable pod (used for coffee or tea), FREE virtual coffee tasting for the holiday’s, and 1oz of each tea flavor.

Tea Holiday Sample Box:  Peppermint, Chai, Apple Cinnamon, French Vanilla, Creme Brûlée – $55.00

Single Serve Pods: 12ct of each Breakfast Blend (light roast), Cafe Blend (medium roast), Grind on The Go Special (dark roast) – $17.50

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