If you plan to do any summer home improvements that require touch-ups or painting, WE Magazine suggests a great product to help save your brushes, called The Paint Brush Cover®.

"Product Review The Paint Brush Cover"Here is an interview with Salvatore DePaola, Co- Founder – Likwid Concepts, Llc the company that manufactures and sells The Paint Brush Cover®.

Tell us how you came up with the idea for the product?

As a Painter/DIY’er, there were 3 things that bothered me more than anything.

1- When I had to stop painting for any reason, I had to either a) wash my brush, b) wrap it in saran wrap or c) put it in a plastic bag or ziplock

2- the cardboard cover that it came with always rips

3- It is very difficult to store without ruing the shape of the brush

We created a product that solves all 3 problems. Its a hard plastic cover, that has an airtight seal. It replaces saran wrap, plastic bags, newspaper, etc… It also makes it extremely simple to store and protects the bristles from damage. We believe that being able to store a brush that is covered in paint will be a huge convenience to all women DIY’ers. My wife always stops in the middle of project for various reasons. Most of the time she comes back to a crusty, dried out brush, or a brush that is severely mis-shaped. With our product, you can stop in the middle of your painting project, place the brush in the cover and go take a phone call ,pick up the kids, make lunch/dinner, go watch a movie. Basically whatever you want. You can come back to your project days , even weeks later and it will be as if you just put the brush in the cover.

The “The Paint Brush Cover™” and retails for around $4.99. They can be bought individually or in packages of 3 and 10.

We are a new product company looking to make the life a the painter/DIY’er easier.

Readers can purchase the product through our website. You can also check your local hardware stores to see if they are carrying The Paint Brush Cover™. We have plans to be in various painting and hardware stores and those will be listed on our site.

Our website is www.thepaintbrushcover.com  and you can check us out on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/ThePaintBrushCover