"Product Review: UltraSpa Skincare Pro AntiAging Moisturizer"WE Magazine for Women UltraSpa Skincare Pro AntiAging Moisturizer (Retail $79.99 – can find online for $39.99 when on sale)

About the product:

The UltraSpa Skincare Pro AntiAging Moisturizer is specially created with the highest quality ingredients working synchronistically for maximum AntiAging hydration. Our moisturizer is focused on rejuvenating skin, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles as well as repairing damage from sun and environmental pollutants.

Together the top three ingredients MatrixylR, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C make the Anti-Aging Moisturizer effective for skin hydration.  Working in concert, they stimulate natural collagen production improving skin’s firmness, repairing damage and effectively providing both short and long-term effects.  The addition of Vitamin E adds another level of sun damage repair helping the Anti-Aging Moisturizer do it’s job so well.

About the Company: 

UltraSpa Skincare is a small company committed to meeting the needs of customers offering products directly via online sales for cost effectiveness.  The company’s health and beauty product line focuses on hydration and rejuvenation. For more information and to order:  http://UltraSpaSkincare.com

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