"Product Review TRUE CANDLES"Product Review of True Candles by Joseph Thomas True Candles of Springfield, Kentucky

Special thanks to Angie Wilkerson, Manager of True Candles for sending us the “True the collection” 9 pack votive set to review.

The True Collection comes luxuriously packaged with beautifully crafted hard box containers, lined in white linen, wrapped in chocolate suede and adorned with stainless steel labels. It comes with our 9 signature fragrances: Dogwood blossom, Willow, Wheat, Lychee Nut, Persimmon, Forsythia, Jacaranda, Thistle & Moss, and Quince.

It retails for $58

The Joseph Thomas True Candles products were created in small town America by 2 guys. They were able to take these candles out and sell them all over the U.S. including Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Ritz Carlton, and Peacock Alley to name a few. Unfortunately, one of the creators died in a house fire in Dec. 2008. The company shut down after the other owner quit.

A local couple bought the company because his wife LOVED the products so much! It re-opened in 2009. Due to a series of mishaps and circumstances after the death of one of the owners and the loss of a major account, the company is eager to spread the word that the candles are again available in the marketplace.

Our review: These candles are amazing! They are soft burning and not at all smokey. They have beautiful fragrances and a variety of sizes from which to choose. We would highly recommend anyone interested in a quality candle as a gift or for themselves, check out True Candles at www.josephthomastrue.com