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Product Review – Tree Huggiest Handbag

"Product Review - Tree Huggiest Handbag"The Tree Huggiest Handbag was submitted by Carole Murphy , Founder of Purse for the People

Purse for the People is an ecommerce product that features handmade rattan bags.  Prices range from $250 to $300

About the Company  was launched October 2015 on Indiegogo and is currently in Phase I of their business plan.  Purse for the People is focused on manufacturing customized handmade bags in the USA to be launched in phase II. We believe in using business as a force for good on the planet.

Their story begins with a desire to see the founder’s hometown flourish and prosper.   Butte, Montana, the town  Carole Murphy grew up in, has some common features with other cities like Detroit and New Orleans with designated urban blight areas comprised of once opulent and beautiful historic buildings.  The community is very determined to save their colorful history and bring revitalization to the town.  Carole’s love of beautiful handcrafted items, fashion, sustainable business, and her hometown were all brought together in a marriage that gave birth to Purse for the People.

Carole says,  “I believe that doing business in a more conscious way is not only a good idea but also over the long term, more profitable.  Our efforts are combined with the Rainforest Alliance to ensure that the rattan used in our bags is sustainably sourced.  Rattan is a wild growing climbing species of palm that depends on the trees for its growth.

From Wilipedia: In forests where rattan grows, its economic value can help protect forest land, by providing an alternative to loggers who forgo timber logging and harvest rattan canes instead. Rattan is much easier to harvest, requires simpler tools and is much easier to transport. It also grows much faster than most tropical wood.

This makes it a potential tool in forest maintenance, since it provides a profitable crop that depends on rather than Phase I:  Selling non-customized handmade  bags constructed of rattan on our ecommerce website.  We also with, the help of our supporters and contributors host purse parties.  We partner with nonprofits that benefit women with some of the proceeds of each party going to the nonprofit of the host’s choice.

Phase II:  Offering customized handbags that our customers design themselves online using specialized software.

These custom handbags are assembled in the US.  The outer rattan body is sourced from the rainforest.


Carole Murphy is a heart centered, visionary, and entrepreneur, who is driven by the belief that business can be done in a way that sustains our planet and each other while being profitable.  She loves and believes in treating the planet as if our lives depend upon it.  She is passionate about beauty and fashion that expresses one’s unique essence. Her business strategies are based on the new paradigm of business sometimes referred to as “conscious capitalism” or “triple bottom line”.  Central to this belief is empowering team members in the decision making process and control of their own destiny within the business much like the model of Zappos.

Editor’s Note: I received my handbag (shown) in late fall. It is beautifully designed, well construction and stylish. I have received several compliments on the handbag and am pleased with the quality and style.

Readers can purchase their own beautiful Tree Huggiest Handbag at

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