The Flextrain XbaG touts itself as the world’s only adjustable-weight kettlebell, this soft, round fabric bag with a zipper is filled with smaller weight bags that can be added or removed to achieve a desired weight.

While I don’t know much about kettlebells (almost nothing really), I am familiar with weight training. I have used hand weights, dumb bells (I think there is a good reason they call them dumb bells, especially if you ever dropped one on your foot as have I) and wrist weights.

When Sheila and David of Flextrain asked me to review XbaG I didn’t realize I was not really qualified to do so.

But I knew someone who was. So I asked two twenty-something women who were only too happy to offer their reactions to this fitness product.

What they liked: the flexibility. The XbaG is designed to allow different weights for different exercises.  Which is good for a weakling like me *SMILE. And it also eliminates the need to own several kettle bells.

It is made of a nice soft fabric and since it comes in black it won’t show the wear as quickly as lighter colors would.

It is easy to travel with because you can put the sandbag weights in various compartments or suitcases and the outer shell will collapse for easy storage.

Some suggestions for future designs:

A removable handle would make it easier to use for some exercises.

*Provide an instructional DVD for first-time users.

*This one is a woman thing: offer different color choices in the piping (like pink).

All in all it is a “fun and innovative” fitness product.

The XbaG sells for $69.95 and can be purchased on their site:

* We understand that a DVD is in development AND the XbaG is going to be available with pink, purple, blue and teal next month! Talk about responding to customers’ needs!