"Cardiff Walking Shoe by Tenevis"A few weeks before the holidays I had the opportunity to test-walk a pair of Tenevis shoes, the Cardiff style shown to the right. I was attracted to the shoe because they are attractive and are  “designed especially for the female athletic walker.”

When I received the pair, I realized they were too large for me and passed them on to one of our editors who wore the size the company sent. After all, in order to do a proper product review we would have to actually wear them. What I found upon receipt was that although I ordered a pair of size 7.5 (the  size normally worn with heavy socks), they felt much larger than most tennis/walking shoes I have purchased. I asked one of my editors who wore a size 7.5 to test them out.

Here are some of the features of the shoe:

Tenevis shoes stay steady, make walking effortless and because of their FDA-approved patented technology they improve posture which can relieve back pain and improve foot health.  The Tenevis secret weapon is their patented balance bone and balance chip technologies. While other brands, like Skechers, use a rocker bottom to propel the foot forward, Tenevis focuses on providing a stable platform for the foot.

“We are not a rocker; we use very unique technology,” said Tenevis President and COO David Corsi. “Rockers aren’t good for torsional stability. Tenevis is a powerful shoe that offers a soft ride while providing you with a very stable platform for walking.

From their site:

In addition to being FDA-approved, the Tenevis technologies were tested at the Calgary Institute of Kinesiology in Canada to verify their health benefits. During the study, researchers rated the cushioning 127.5 percent higher than an average walking shoe. They also found that these heel-cushioning elements lower the impact of each step on contact, thus reducing stress on ankles, knees and hip joints by 30 to 40 percent. (The complete study is posted on Tenevis.com.)

Tenevis shoes are also slip-resistant and non-marking. They are great for people who are on their feet all day in their working environment. All-black and all-white leather styles cater to professionals in such industries as food service and health care.

About the Cardiff:

Cardiff retail price: $110

Description: The Cardiff is a walking shoe with exceptional cushioning properties, toning characteristics and classic styling.


– Lightweight and soft to the hand Nubuck Suede Leather upper.

– Mesh trim for breathability.

– 3M reflective tape for visibility at night.


– Dual Density Polyurethane midsole for stability and cushioning.

– Grey configuration is softer in the hell to give the customers the feeling of walking on sand


– Carbon rubber outsole for durability and traction.

– Zig Zag lines and pebble piece for traction on wet surfaces

I recommend that when you purchase a pair of Tenevis Walking Shoes, you buy the size you normally wear and not a half size larger especially if you use thicker socks.

Tenevis shoes are sold nationwide in specialty and orthopedic footwear stores. More information is available at www.tenevis.com and www.youtube.com/tenevis