Susta™ Natural Sweetener is a healthy alternative to table sugar and artificial sweeteners.
Our reviewer thought Susta had a more natural taste than any artificial sweetener she has used before. She liked how it easily disolved in her drinks such as ice tea and hot beverages.  And that it has no aftertaste, something that most people will find appealing.  More importantly she experienced no adverse affects of using Susta Natural Sweetener for the past two months.

About the product (According to their product description:): Susta Natural Sweetern is a natural, low calorie, low-glycemic, antioxidant, soluble fiber and sweetening sytem that helps suppport healthy blood sugar levels, aids digestion, supports the immune system and provides healthy energy.  To read the full extent of benefits, read their frequently asked questions page at
You can purchase Susta through their website and at select grocery chains in the East Coast and Midwest. A 50 packet box retails for $6.99