Deborah Wallace & Eryka Rangel are the founders of Squid Balm located in Reseda, California.

"Product Review Squid Balm Decadent Vegan Skin and Haircare

About the products:

Squid Balm Solid Lotion Bar in a reusable tin – $12 – A super concentrated bar made with natural waxes, oils and butters and infused with organic calendula petals to soothe itching, create an effective and long lasting moisture barrier to facilitate faster healing and take down inflammation.

Squid Squeak Solid Shampoo bar – $7 – a special cold process soap formula made to clean the hair and scalp without stripping; enriched with Abyssinian oil and castor oil to nourish the hair and provide a bubbly lather without harsh sulfates

Bubbly Syndet Shampoo bar – $7 – for those with extra thin, oily or fragile hair who cannot make a traditional cold process shampoo bar work for their hair, we offer a solid shampoo made with gentle, biodegradable and eco-cert ingredients.  It offers the same fluffy lather, sulfate-free formula and adds Quinoa protein to strengthen hair, add moisture and prevent breakage.

Squid Silk Solid Conditioner bar – $7 – Our best selling item – Our solid conditioner can be used as a leave in or rinse out conditioner and is silicone-free.  It also doubles as a shave lotion and a skin soother (rinse off or leave on) AND can be used as a hair dressing/curl cream.  Also with quite a lot of Abyssinian oil, it improves health and appearance of hair just as good, if not better than argan oil

Gentle Cleansing Oil – $14 – gently cleanses the skin and removes make-up without detergents.  Uses a mild emulsifier to allow the user to rinse the oil off.  Most people do not need a moisturizer after using this cleanser as this leaves the essential lipids intact that most detergent cleansers strip away.

Handcrafted cold processed soap – $8 – made using vegan oils via the cold process method which leaves the natural glycerin in the soap.  Our new formula is palm-free and made with just olive oil, mango butter and either babassu or organic coconut oil for a gentle bar that creates a rich fluffy lather.

Scar Salve – $12 – Organic herbs are infused into olive and apricot oils and paired with essential oils to create a salve which help soothe the insane itching from healing scars and bug bites.

Each of the products WE received from Squid Balm was of superior quality, the packaging was impressive and the product sizes were just right. So often with many products these days the descriptions are hype-y and over zealous. Not so with Squid Balm products. WE felt that each item lived up to its description. The products we received were exactly as described and in fact, much more. They were luxurious, natural and better than many products costing more than twice the price. What WE especially appreciated was the company’s inquiry regarding which fragrances would best suit our needs.

Note: Rather than sending random samples as many of the companies we review have done, they asked us to choose the ones we wanted to review.  

About the Company:

Squid Balm started simply as a solid lotion bar created for my daughter when she was 3 years old to soothe her severe eczema and skin itchies.  Having many allergies including nuts, most products irritated as we soon discovered that benign ingredients like shea butter can actually cause a cross reaction in some folks with nut allergies.  Her nickname is SQUID so naturally we names the lotion bar for her.  Once friends and family members started swiping our bars, we got the hint and started on our journey to where we are now…..simple, effective and luxurious hand made products.

Squid Balm products are all nut-free, vegan, preservative-free and very luxurious.  We are certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny and PETA.  All of our products use biodegradable ingredients and we have quickly started the transition into going palm-free.  Since our products are solid (save for the cleansing oil) they are eco-friendly, require minimal packaging and are very TSA/travel friendly

We also offer many of our products in unscented formulas which are 100% phyto-estrogen-free for those who must avoid estrogens for health reasons.

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