"Softies Soap Subscription"In early summer the owner of Sofies Soaps sent me a sample of this wonderful, all natural product and I have finally had a chance to use the soaps! In truth, I put them aside and forgot about them until recently when I was reviewing several product review samples WE Magazine has received in the past six month.

About the soaps:

These Natural Soaps for the body, are eco friendly, hand-crafted, cruelty free, veggie based . They are good for the body and good for the environment.  Sofies Soaps  uses only pure essential oils, natural botanicals and herbs to scent and color in their products! According to their website they DON’T use artificial fragrances, colors or commercial detergents.

Here  are just a few of the ingredients that they use in their special recipies:  chocolate, oatmeal, honey, seaweed, almonds, goatsmilk, cocoa & shea butter.

These soaps are yummy, 100% natural, make you feel good all over and “leave you wanting more.”

These Soaps sell for $5.25 retail. The Soap Filled Loofahs sell for $8.00

Shop online at their website for products atwww.sofiessoaps.com  Whether you are interested in our gift packages, a simple stocking stuffer, or creating something special yourself, there’s a soap for that!