"Product Review: SHEA LAVENDER LOTION by LOVINAH NATURALS "JOY EKHATOR is the Owner and CEO of LOVINAH NATURALS INC located in Houston, Texas

She sent WE Magazine for Women a bottle of her Shea Lavender Lotion (retails for $19.99 – as of this review on sale for $14.99) to try.

From the website: Shea Lavender is a rich ultra-moisturizing and luxurious fast absorbing non greasy body lotion, handcrafted with love, using Fair Trade 100% Unrefined Shea Butter from West Africa, packed with antioxidant and vitamins to relive and protect Dry-To-Extra-Dry skin.

I found it divinely soft and yummy. Not only did it feel good and smell good, it made my skin soft and luxurious.  I love shea products because of their natural “healing” powers and the Shea Lavender Lotion is a superior product and great value for the money.

Key ingredients include:

Organic Shea Butter softens, moisturizes and soothes dry skin

Organic Cocoa Butter moisturizes, softens, protects and heals all skin types

Aloe Vera Juice hydrates, regenerate and soothes all skin types

About the Company: Lovinah Naturals offers total wellness using Fair Trade Shea Butter from West Africa to handcraft personal care products for skin and hair conditions. Our dedication is ensuring the highest standards are met, in handcrafting our products, making our products safe and effective by using the highest quality natural ingredients to create Eco-Luxe products for all ages, while also positively impacting the lives of children through our Global kids project foundation, by providing early childhood scholarship to children in West Africa, are what separates us from other personal care companies.

Think Natural, Think Lovinah, because we really do care about what you put on your body. Our products are handcrafted with love, in relatively small batches for people with dry-to-extra-dry skin conditions. Our ultra-moisturizing lotions and creams are perfect for dry, cracked skin. It’s perfect for gardeners, construction workers or just tired skin. Visit www.lovinah.com for more information and to order yours today!