Oud’asens luxury candle collection helps savvy, stylish hardworking men and women pamper themselves with relaxation. Our Oud candles are made with natural ingredients along with ribbon cotton wick and coconut/ soy wax blend, infused with Oud oil and essential oils to help promote relaxation in the mind and the body. We use high-level quality ingredients and consistency that ensures that our candles deliver a clean burn for approximately 35-40 hours.  Oud’asens luxury candles are individually hand-poured in small batches and finished at their workshop.

Coconut and soy wax blend with ribbon cotton wick, infused with Oud oil and essential oils.
Oud’asens luxury candle collection helps savvy, stylish hardworking men and women pamper themselves with relaxation. Our candles are made with natural ingredients along with ribbon cotton wick and coconut & soy wax blend, infused with Oud oil and essential oils to help promote relaxation in the mind and the body. We use high-level quality ingredients and consistency that ensures that our candles deliver a clean burn for approximately 35-40 hours.  Our candles are individually hand-poured in small batches and finished at our workshop in Toronto Ontario, Canada.
Oud ’asens customized exotic scents are rich in the fragrance of Oud and essential oil blend. Our ingredients for fragrances are sourced globally. The scents we compose for our candles constitute all natural ingredients. Oud’asen candles collections are made with precision, care, attention & most of all Love.
Oud ’asens is a small company (started in 2017 by Sumaya S. Humayun) based out of Toronto, Ontario. Oud’asens, has always had a deep appreciation for unique scented candles, and that’s the wick at the core of this burning passion.

READERS CAN PURCHASE Oud’asens candles collections on their website or via their Instagram page.

This unique candle collection is also available in some boutique stores in Toronto, Canada.