The Gold Standard of Job Interviewing Audio Program by DGS Consulting, Inc. 
Speaker’s voice is clear and precise and makes it easy to keep listening.

Each category of job searching is broken down to be able to listen to either as a section or in its’ entirety. The CD stresses knowing the basics of job search, your talents and skills, selling yourself and knowing your resume to its’ fullest. The speaker is emphatic in many areas, yet does not come across as overbearing or arrogant, which is extremely important to people searching for jobs

Some of the main things were advising you, as a job seeker, to go outside your particular comfort zone and be willing to answer honestly the facts that could possibly be brought up by the prospective employer: relocation, diversity, definable skills and talents, active listening, and sending thank you notes for the time the interviewer spent with you. The advice of practicing in front of a mirror is invaluable, as many people don’t realize that they look away from the interviewer or fidget, or possibly have little habits that are not pleasing, until they stare you in the face!

Even if you should pick up one or two new things, these could prove invaluable to you on your job search and may be the key to getting the position. Those of us who have been in the “search area” can find it refreshing to hear new things or to have the “old” ideas reiterated once again.

I found it straight forward and to the point. As I listened to it 3 times, I took notes and compiled them into the review. It is something that can be listened to while driving, sitting at the computer, as well as just plain listening to it. 

Yes, Inside Cover

In conclusion, Yes, You Can Still Find a Job Audio Program can be utilized by anyone searching for a job, or looking to improve their current position. It brings to mind many things that have been set aside by most job seekers and keeps it thorough and precise throughout.

This 60 minute audio CD comes with 42 page PDF text guide and retails for $17.99

READERS CAN PURCHASE  “Yes, You Can Still Find a Job” online at or as well as various retailers in Georgia.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dickie Sykes is the Founder & CEO of DGS Consulting LLC, a management consulting firm that specializes in job interview, business presentation and public speaker training.  Honored by her alma mater Queens College and named by The Network Journal as one of the 25 Most Influential Women in business, Dickie is known for helping people talk their way to the top of the business world with integrity, passion and authenticity. To learn more about the company visit them at  Asian Americans visit

Reviewer: Christina Aronoff