Since this is WE Magazine for Women’s first official product review, I thought it would be fun to review a beauty product  that saves energy and works just like it claims in their product descriptions.

It is The Barbar Eco 8000 Hair Dryer and it only uses 1000 watts of power.  “Equipped with an eco-friendly ceramic heating element making your hair soft and shiny!”

And even though it uses half the energy, it works like a normal hair dryer! Take it from someone with long hair that can take up to an hour to dry completely with a traditional hair dryer.  I tend not to dry my hair completely unless it is 40 degrees (F) or less outside.

The Barbar Eco 8000 Hair Dryer dries the hair at the same rate as a normal hair dryer AND keeps your energy bills down.

Most places I checked The Barbar Eco 8000 Hair Dryer cost between $120 and $150, not an innexpensive dryer by any means. I am waiting for the cost to come down so I can get one for my two daughters who both have longer hair and blow-dry their hair every day!

I am sure because of the unique energy-saving technology, this dryer will be around a long time. And when you buy one, you are doing your part to save energy and lessen your carbon footprint.

The Barbar Eco 8000 Hair Dryer can be purchased at, Amazon and many local beauty outlets. Check with your favorite beauty supply store for availability.

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