Product Review of Magnolia Skin Essentials created by Lisa Duffy of Summerville, SC

Why Magnolia? Charleston, South Carolina is blessed by beautiful Magnolia trees that are everywhere. Years ago, I learned that something as simple as placing an open Magnolia flower afloat in a bowl of water could fill the room with the sweet, calming aroma that is so characteristic of this beautiful southern gem. It also has amazing benefits for the health of your skin.
Magnolia flowers and bark have long been regarded as a health supplement. But what’s so special about the extract oil is how it helps remove dark spots, scars incurred by wounds, acne, or burns, its moisturizing properties, and its ability to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Magnolia Skin Essentials is where you will find hand-crafted products that are 100% Organic and 100% alcohol free, including a wealth of products with Magnolia botanicals incorporated for maximum glow and beauty. The Magnolia flower and the bark of its tree are one of the true gems of nature that can help to restore your skin and calm your spirit.
Product pricing begins at $34.95
Lisa Duffy is an author and has been a divorce recovery coach for 20 years with the sole focus of helping people heal. She has also been making natural soap and skin care products for my family and friends for some time and after seeing how well her products work for them, She started MSE to offer people products that transforms dry, troubled skin into skin that is incredibly soft, healthy, and glowing.

Readers can learn more and purchase at MagnoliaSkinEssentials.Com