“We grow, we birth, we suffer loss, we heal, we loose, we win, we conquer, we nourish, we protect, we nurture, we love, we mother.” -Portland Law, founder of Lil’buds Comfort Packs

Here’s what our wealth editor and new mama said about Lil’buds:

Dealing with engorgement a few days post delivery and WOW – these Lil’buds Breast Comfort Packs are amazing! I popped them in the microwave and put them on my breasts and instantly felt relief. Much easier for my baby to latch and to pump after using these for just a few minutes. Great product, I highly recommend!” – Suzannah L. Richards, CLU, ChFC   Ocean Wealth


Inspired by her own experience with her first child, founder Portland Law set out to create a line to help moms reach their breastfeeding goals and provide them with the resources needed to make their experience both successful and enjoyable

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Lil’buds are a comfort pack, for your breast, that you can use hot or cold.  They have a 100% soft cotton flannel exterior, are filled with flax seed and can be used on all breast sizes.  They are arc-shaped and slim, allowing you to wrap them around the breast and wear snugly in a nursing bra or tank.

There are two different types of fillings available: flax or flax+lavender.  The flax+lavender filled lil’buds have dried lavender buds mixed in with the flax seeds to add a calming scent when heated.

Use lil’buds HOT to help clear clogged ducts, prevent mastitis, maximize your milk output while pumping, or relieve pain associated with infections, pumping, let down, etc.  Use lil’buds COLD to help relieve engorgement.

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Visit the lil’buds instruction page here for more information on how to use your lil’buds.

Lil’buds come in packs of two (2) to allow partial or entire breast coverage, if desired.

Wear. Feed. Heal.  Hang in there mama, you got this!

If you know of new mom, or mom-to-be , give her a thoughtful gift that’ll make her journey into motherhood that much easier. Lil’buds Comfort Packs is an inventive breastfeeding tool that aims to make the nursing experience successful by lessening pain and tenderness, reducing infections and engorgement, and increasing milk supply. It’ll be the gift she never knew she needed! 

Whether she prefers pastels and florals, or neutral prints, Lil’buds has something for every mama!

Starting at $25.00 Just go to http://www.lillemer.com/original and learn more and buy them!