"Product Review - the LifeBox Case"Last week WE received a package in the mail with the LifeBox Case  for Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 which espouses to be the  Ultimate protection from shock, dirt, dust, snow, and water.  .

The package did not include instructions, a product description nor pricing. So we had to go to the website to do a little more investigating.

Normally we would not even accept a review of a product that arrived with so little information, but on further inspection, we thought it would be a good idea to share our findings with our readers.

From the website:  “More than 1000 times testing, 500 persons’ using experience and 20 experts’ research, we made it — “LifeBox”, the most toughest and lightest iphone case!

Plastic and rubber case are injected together to seal the iPhone inside and outside to prevent from water , snow & ice, drops and bumps.A built-in screen protector prevents scratches and smudges without affecting the sensitivity of the touchscreen.Plastic Back clip has a slim profile and the belt clip has a smooth ratcheting motion. You can face the screen outward for quick access or face it inward for maximum protection. And Nylon waterproof hook-loop goes with back clip to help to fix your phone on your arm.”

WE did find it to made well, of extremely durable material and good quality. Will it stand the test of time?  WE think so. In fact we do recommend you check it out for yourself. If you have a habit of dropping your phone or doing other damage, We believe the LifeBox case will prolong the life of your smart phone considerably.

“Sleek design, light weight, quality sound, and the ability to take your Galaxy S4 everywhere — what more could you want from a case?”

LifeBox Cases can be purchased from their website http://www.lifeboxcase.com as well as through most major online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. Retail price is $69.99.