WE Magazine for Women product review of women’s leggings made with images of remarkable artwork from around the world and through the ages.

Rose & Gaia offers unique, comfortable and well-priced women’s clothing that can be worn either as activewear or casual attire. Our lead products are custom-made leggings designed from public domain artworks, with an emphasis on images from iconic paintings and prints (think Vincent van Gogh’s Irises or Paul Klee’s Rose Garden). Our design expertise and success in sourcing original art fuel our exceptional products. Our target market is college-educated women over 50 who are interested in fashion, art and yoga.

Rose & Gaia was founded in April, 2018 by an artist and devoted museumgoer with a strong interest in women looking and feeling their best. Our products are designed in Manchester, Massachusetts, and made to order by our talented and reliable partners at Printful, Inc., in Los Angeles. They are sold in the US, Canada and Europe via the e-commerce platform Etsy.

Gail Gang (founder) says “I’ve spent decades making, teaching, and studying art (www.gailgang.com ) and I’m thrilled to be exploring the world’s museums and archives for the right images of paintings, prints, textiles and manuscripts. I feel humbled and privileged when working with these treasures in my design studio, and a bit breathless when I send them out to be seen anew.”


Our clothing preferences change as we age. Fashion-conscious 60-something pals want to be seen not just as chic or polished but as interesting, vibrant citizens of the world. Like many women , we are warming to leggings that can be dressed up or down. How do we put forth our engaging selves while attending to our wishes for comfort and ease? One sartorial approach: wearing well-made, easygoing leggings with images that spark delight and start conversations.

Rose & Gaia has been selling art-filled leggings (and other products) on Etsy since August, 2018. We have not yet been featured in a major media channel.

Leggings sell for $65.

READERS PURCHASE THE PRODUCT HERE: www.roseandgaia.etsy.com


I received 2 pair of leggings (shown Dutch Bouquet and Van Gogh’s Irises ) to try.  They are beautifully designed, high quality fabric and oh, so comfortable.  They are fashionable to dress up or down. True Art that moves… Highly recommend!