WE Magazine Product review of a new skincare complex that harnesses the body’s own power to repair itself – YOUTH-REBUILDING COMPLEX



The 30-Day Complete Skin Rejuvenation Complex by Key Element adapts to your body’s unique composition by targeting your cells’ energy producing centers called mitochondria. Facial skin relies heavily on well-functioning mitochondria because it encounters many stressors like UV light, free radicals, and pollution. As the body ages, these stressors cause mitochondrial DNA to mutate, which means cells gradually lose the ability to repair themselves. This leads to wrinkles and fine lines, formation of jowls, loss of firmness, and decreased elasticity and tone.

Kasseinova worked with pioneering scientists in the fields of mitochondrial and neuroendocrine research to bring the amazing benefits of Molecular Rejuvenation Technology to consumers. To further develop this technology—which has been around since the early 70’s—she sponsored, oversaw, and collaborated on a number of scientific studies, in which signs of aging were reversed. Kasseinova completed groundbreaking lab experiments and peer-reviewed clinical trials in which components restored hormonal balance and mitochondrial function in women going through perimenopause. Ultimately, it’s a product invented by women, for women.

The complex includes two skincare serums which are recommended for morning and evening routines, plus a supplement—all of which are American made and manufactured. The sole ingredient in the Agixen supplement capsules is sodium succinate, which helps energize and rejuvenate cells from within. Agixen is a multi-functional antioxidant that participates in how our bodies respond to stress, produce energy, and balance hormones.
Consumers can purchase components individually or as a package, depending on their personal needs. While some are looking for minimal help, others may want more intensity—which is especially true of women over 35 whose old skincare routines are becoming less effective.

The serums and supplements work together to provide the ultimate one-two punch against aging that helps women preserve naturally youthful-looking skin. While most beauty products focus primarily on the skin’s surface, Key Element goes deeper to address the root causes of aging, both inside and out.


At the age of 50, Donna Kasseinova has never felt or looked better. “People are always shocked to learn my age. I truly feel in my prime,” she says with a confident grin. Despite living in the Southern California sun, her face is fresh, her skin clean and emitting a healthy glow. Kasseinova swears by her beauty routine, which consists entirely of her own skincare products.

An entrepreneur, Donna Kasseinova spent almost two decades working with renowned scientists across the globe to create and perfect her anti-aging formula. Her innovative biotech company, Key Element, recently announced a new skincare complex that harnesses the body’s own power to repair itself.

While the science is impressive, for Kasseinova, this story also has a personal side. “I’m not just the CEO of Key Element—I’m also its showcase success story. I started using these components 15 years ago. Today, I can state that these products did more than just help me preserve a youthful appearance. I also have the energy of a highly motivated college student,” she says. “I’m extremely grateful and excited that I’m in a position to provide this wonderful anti-aging solution to other people.”


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