Here is the latest in product reviews from WE Magazine for Women – The Kaunis Soothing Facial Mask

"Product Review: Kaunis Soothing Facial Mask "Anna Easteden, Founder of Kaunis in PROVENCE, CA  had really dry, flaky skin with acne that would last for weeks. She felt she had tried pretty much every single skin care product out there, ranging from cheaper drugstore brands to the most expensive and high-end products. She found that some products would work temporarily but eventually always leave her feeling the same way. This lead to the beginning of extensive research of different products, ingredients, vitamins, supplements and much more. Her persistence eventually lead her to improved skin that was beautiful, glowing, clear and younger-looking. What is special about Kaunis is that creator, Anna, wants to share the products that have brought her so much comfort and ease in hope they will bring the same relief to others.

About the product: Kaunis natural skin care products are made using the highest quality, safe and effective ingredients. No GMOs, harsh preservatives, artificial fragrances. All products are cruelty-free and contain high quality and organic ingredients.

Here are the two products we received (the descriptions are taken from their website)

Kaunis Soothing Facial Mask contains Deep Ocean water that is extracted from the negative pressure in the light-free level at 800 meters below sea level and has the molecular size close to the water molecules in the human body, so it easily penetrates the skin cell membranes to moisturize your skin. Deep Ocean Water is rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, selenium and manganese and it balances the secretion of sebum for glowing and healthy looking silky skin.

Our experience:  This is one of the most soothing and enjoyable mask applications I have ever used. It is not as “heavy” as many of the masks I have used in the past, it has a nice fragrance and it made my skin glow!

Kaunis Anti-Aging Facial Mask contains Centella Asiatica plant extract, that is known to speed up healing of wounds, repair sun damage, improve firmness and accelerate the formation and revivification of collagen and cells. Kaunis Anti-Aging Facial Mask works with you to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and enhance your natural radiance.

Our experience: While we have not had much time to really review this product, it has similar qualities as the Soothing Facial Mask and it left my skin feeling beautiful and soft.

Both products offer a single pack for only $15 and a pack of six for just $79

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