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Product Review – Jelt Belt

"Jelt belt Product Review"Jelt Belt, the elastic grippy low profile belt is the brainchild of Jennifer Perry, Owner/Inventor

About the Jelt Belt: The Jelt is a comfortable, unisex elastic belt. With a low-profile buckle and gel to help it stay in place, it’s a good looking belt that keeps you looking good, too. The Jelt is an elastic stretch belt inspired by the retro belts from the 1970s made from recycled materials that contains a grippy inner gel to grip to your pants helping to avoid the sag and gap of your favorite jeans! The Jelt not only solves the problem of saggy pants, but the buckle also snaps flat so that it is super low profile under tops and the materials allow you to pass right through airport security without taking it off! No metal, no fuss, snap and go! We have not been featured in any major media outlets yet. 

About the Inventor: Mother of two and manager of a guest ranch in glacier national park. Jen wants every one to feel confident and secure no matter what the denim trends are. She wants you to “keep your pants on!”

Jelt belt retails for $34.95 and can be purchases at

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