"the Ibiza-Olivia Spa Wrap by  Luxury Therapeutics"Here is our latest Product Review – the Ibiza-Olivia Spa Wrap by  Luxury Therapeutics

Co-Owned by Debra Green, Luxury Therapeutics is located in Franklin, NC

Here is a “review” of their product:

Ibiza- Olivia 28″ Spa Wrap- Luxury hot cold therapy pack. Heat in microwave or chill in freezer for muscle aches and stress relief. Cost- $36.50

About the Wrap: This is made of quality material, beautifully crafted and packaged. WE were extremely impressed by the presentation and even more so by the product itself. According to the company’s website:  “Luxury Therapeutics Ibiza- Oliva 28″ Spa Wrap is a hot cold therapy pack that will will wrap you in cozy luxury. For yourself or as a beautiful gift, use this 28″ x 8″ wrap warm or cold to relieve stress and tension. Made in the U.S.A., this product is filled with a special mixture of grains and lavender with a removable washable cover.” It lived up to its description… and then some.

About the company: Luxury Therapeutics manufacturers hot/ cold therapy products for the spa industry and for gift boutiques. Debra Green is an Interior Designer by trade and has worked in the Highlands, Cashiers, NC resort area for 20 + years. With the shift in the economy Debra soon realized she needed to reinvent myself. According to Debra, “Mother has always used natural hot cold packs filled with organic rice, flax and lavender. By combining my design, fabric and luxury retail business expertise and her knowledge of what works for pain, stress management, and pampering relaxation, Luxury Therapeutics was born!”

“We are hands on owners and take great care to use high quality fabrics and construction techniques. We can outsource to local workrooms to handle large orders but handle most of the manufacturing and packaging ourselves. All of our products have an inner muslin pack filled with grains and lavender. The outer cover is removable and washable. We test and use these products ourselves and are proud of our finished product and the chance to support of our local economy.”

You can purchase the  Ibiza- Olivia 28″ Spa Wrap- Luxury hot cold therapy pack  at their website www.luxurytherapeutics.com . There is also a retail store locator where customers can locate a store near them.