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Product Review Healthy Gift Baskets

"Product Review Healthy Gift Baskets Handmade Soaps Basket"This week’s product review is of Healthy Gift Baskets located in Ontario Cananda founded by Greg Elder

A couple of weeks ago I received one of their Handmade Soaps Gift Basket (their entry-level) all-natural basket that retails for $27.00. This basket is filled with an assortment of scented all natural handmade soaps.

  • One Bathsheba scented soap to create a romantic mood.
  • One Pink Grapefruit scented soap to help inspire empowerment and vigor.
  • One lavender and vanilla scented soap to encourage relaxation and a restful sleep

Ingredients: saponified vegetable oils (olive, rice bran, coconut, certified organic palm and shea butter), essential oils, rose hip powder, vitamin e.

When I received the basket I was a little disappointed by the packaging. The basket did not look anything like the picture you see here. It was a small and less impressive version of the one on their website. However, the contents were all they lived up to be… and more! Each of the soaps come in a nice package, have a pleasant fragrance that is light and fit their descriptions.

About the company:

“Healthy Gifts in a Basket” is a new online store (2013) that sells healthy gift baskets for all occasions. They focus on natural and organic products that are packaged in ecofriendly/reusable baskets. According to Greg: “We carefully select and resell a variety of gift baskets that are created and assembled by other companies. I (owner) am located in Canada but the primary market is the continental USA.”

To learn more and to purchase for the holidays (or anytime) visit:

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