Product Review of Magnets by Lucie Walker, artist, founder “Happy Accident Art”
Product Review of Paparazzi happy accident art magnet"Last year WE received a beautiful package of magnets to review. They are the work of Lucie Walker, artist, songwriter and more.  The one pictured here is called “Paparazzi” and is also available on canvas ready to decorate the home of someone who knows it belongs to her (or him).

Lucie Walker’s paintings have appealed to women internationally since starting in 2005.  Bright colors depicting ordinary moments in time, from pensive to joyful.  Author SARK says, “Your art should be in galleries and museums!”

When we showed these magnets to our readers during a South Florida Fundraising event, they were elated. They loved the originality, the quality and diversity of each of the artists prints. Each one telling a story and yet leaving enough to the imagination of the viewer they could fit into anyone’s imagination and decor.

These Magnetic Prints  retail $20 each  These are high quality prints of artist Lucie Walker’s original paintings, made into large 8”x 10” (30 x 50cm) magnet and can be purchased at

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