Genesis 950Genesis 950 All Purpose Concentrate was initially created 20 years ago for pressrooms to remove ink from clothes, machinery and flooring. In late 2010 the company released the product publicly. Unlike other cleaners on the market, there are no harsh chemicals, no bleach and no ammonias in the cleaner. Instead, it is a concentrated cleaner that works with water to set into the stain and break the bonds of that stains. Once the bonds of the stain are broken, the stain is lifted from the surface and can then be wiped off.

Genesis 950 has proven to be an excellent cleaner in removing the toughest stains. It can remove pet stains AND odors from carpet, take oil and grease off concrete, clean up food and drink stains, take paint, make up and ink off carpets and furnitures, and it works wonderfully in steam cleaners.

The cleaner sells for: Pint: $11.75 Quart $14.50 Gallon $28.50

About Amerikal Products:  Amerikal Products manufactures chemistry for the printing indiustry. We are a sustainable, environmental friendly focused on making a safer work environment with low VOC products. We have recently made our Genesis 950 All Purpose Cleaner public, focusing on safe cleaning in the home.

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