"cleava under garment cover up to hide cleavage"Cleava is an innovative garment that snaps around the straps of and between the cups of a bra, back onto itself creating a simulated dress top, like a camisole. The small triangular shape modestly covers only the cleavage area just as a tank top or a full camisole would, without all the extra material around the body.

Cleava is more comfortable, cooler and convenient than wearing a tank top under a garment. Easily added or removed anytime,  Cleava allows the wearer the freedom to show or not to show her cleavage; great for a quick change from work to after hours.

SECRET CLEAVAGE COVER UP- Cleava SNAP ON BRA MOCK CAMISOLE creates that layered look instantly without the extra heat and bulk!

Cleava Cover up retails for $19.95 to $24.95 and can be found in salons and specialty stores throughout Florida.

Cleava can also be purchased online at www.Cleava.com .