"VASIC FLORAL VASE named Product of the Month by WE Magazine for Women!"VASIC FLORAL VASE named Product of the Month by WE Magazine for Women!

Introducing VASIC, an innovative and multipurpose fresh cut flower vast. The only product of its kind to display perfect floral presentations every time.  An invention to assist pros and novices in floral design. VASIC makes it easy to prepare your bouquets and showcase your creativity.

VASIC is attractive, durable and reusable. Made of easy to wash, child friendly materials, VASIC is the perfect vase for those who wish to display their floral creations in style.

“I love the beauty of the design, the variety of color choices. Its a vase and delivery system in one. I like to say it was designed for the floral industry with the consumer in mind! Thanks to the VASIC Floral folks for such a unique invention.” Heidi Richards Mooney, Publisher – WE Magazine for Women

VASIC provides:"Vasic Floral Product of the month four styles"

  • Accelerated flower arrangements
  • Reduces number of flowers used in a bouquet
  • More attraction to colorful floral arrangements
  • Continuous hydration ensures longer lasting floral arrangements
  • Showcases the flowers with its easy to display container
  • VASIC provides trouble free transport
  • Vasic Floral comes in a variety of colors and styles
  • Easy to use and wash – and reuse again and again

To learn more or to order your VASIC online visit vasicfloral.com today!