"Passionate Woman with red rose and red lips"Afraid You’ll Be Disappointed – Again? Nurse’s Explores Truth, Myths About Multiple Orgasms

“Fifty Shades of Grey,’’ the first in a chart-topping trilogy of novels, is firing up female libidos all over the world.

That’s a wonderful thing, says registered nurse Iyalode Edwards, author of Multiple Orgasms Made Simple: ‘How to Do It’ Sex Secrets All Women Should Know!

Women gain many benefits from a healthy sex life, from forging deeper bonds with their partner to improving sleep and boosting their self-confidence,” she says.

But more frequent sexual relations also increases the expectation of a pinnacle physical experience – multiple orgasms. As a nurse, I’ve talked to many women who simply do not ever achieve anything but a clitoral orgasm. I’ve also talked to a few women who routinely experience plural peaks.

A 2011 survey by Jane Magazine found that, while more than 87 percent of men aged 18 to 26 years old experienced orgasm “most or all of the time” during sex, only 46.8 percent of women could say the same thing. And that survey didn’t even address how many could achieve multiples! Do women even know it’s possible?

The truth is, if have all your sex organs intact and can achieve a clitoral orgasm, then you can achieve multiple orgasms during the same sexual encounter,” Edwards says. “You just need information, and there has been too much misinformation disseminated.”

Edwards offers these facts relating to multiple orgasm:

1. While the clitoris is the main regulator for all orgasms, that’s not where all are felt. It can set off a chain reaction that leads to plural peaks originating in other parts of the pelvic area, Edwards says.

2. It’s not all up to your sexual partner. “I feel sorry for men! There are so many who believe it’s their job to bring their partner to climax, women will fake it just to protect their egos,” Edwards says. (Fifty-four percent, according to a 2011 Columbia University survey!) In fact, women can show their men what to do, but first they have to understand how to do it themselves. And, while clitoral orgasm can start with a partner’s gentle touch, multiple orgasms are achieved with a penis or simulated penis.

3. The first orgasm starts in the mind. When a woman stimulates her clitoris for the first orgasm, having a good sexual fantasy or thinking about someone she’s physically attracted to is a necessary component. After that, multiple orgasms become a physiological process. When this procedure is use, clitoral orgasm is only the beginning! “I suggest women try this alone at first, so they can learn the process before trying it with a partner,” she says.

4. Women’s responsiveness is as varied as women themselves. Some respond very quickly and a few don’t even seem to require physical stimulation. Then again some can’t seem to manage it at all! A whole chain-reaction of physiological events take place that prepare the body for orgasm.

“The time has come for women to take back the responsibility for their sexual satisfaction,” Edwards says. “Learning how to have multiple orgasms is the important first step.”

Iyalode Edwards is the author of “Multiple Orgasms Made Simple,” a straightforward, step-by-step how-to guide. Edwards is a registered nurse with more than 35 years of experience, who informally interviewed a number of women and physicians as part of her research.