She’s a woman changing the insurance landscape, and how! Jessi Park is the President of a company that got a prestigious ranking on Orlando Business Journal’s Top 25 Female Owned Businesses in Central Florida. But she didn’t start off being the President of Inspired Insurance Solutions. In fact, she didn’t start off with any insurance dreams at all.

Now, she’s not only putting the heart back into the industry, but she’s also creating inspired solutions (as the name of her business suggests), for those across the insurance industry. For Park, it was an uphill climb, but she’s managed to achieve her dreams and then some. 

Baby Steps to the Top

Park wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth, so she didn’t come into the industry with any nest eggs to fall back on. So, every step she made in her career had higher stakes. Without family or financial support, she found herself looking for a job to help put food on the table for her two children, albeit as a single mother as well.

Her struggles didn’t end there. Park was having to care for her children, and job searching while unemployed. Additionally, there were student loans, a $65K albatross around her neck, and no help to relieve her of it. She was on her own, looking for a way out and towards financial stability. As you can imagine, in those first few years, it seemed almost impossible to find. 

But she had a degree from the University of Central Florida (UCF), so how hard could it really be to find a job? As it turns out, even with a degree under her belt, it wasn’t easy to simply drop into the world of employed adults with stable jobs and well-fed families. Things were tough, from spending six months without a single job offer to expanding to jobs she wasn’t even necessarily interested in.

“In my mind, I went to UCF, and I got this degree. I’m supposed to be a marketing director, not working in sales,” Park said. “That’s where my mindset had to shift.” 

Once it did, she found herself accepting a job in sales. Still, every job that she did got severely under-utilized her skills. 

“No matter who I pledged my allegiance to, it was always that I was disposable,” Park said.

Tired of not only drowning in student loan and credit card debt and being devalued and laid-off from one job to the next in 2016, but she had also finally had enough. 

Taking Matters into Her Own Hands

Park may not have had luck on her side during those early days of her career, but she had faith. And this faith kept driving her forward. So she could finally break away from jobs that were not valuing her to find where she truly belonged. Eventually, as she changed her mindset, she found herself in the health insurance industry. And that’s when things finally began to look up for her. 

However, once she was in insurance, she still had to find a way to go from single mother with debt to successful businesswoman. And it didn’t make it any easier considering whatever she had to do; she was doing it all on her own, with no support to fall back on. This is where her growth mindset came into the picture. 

She soon figured out how much worth she got from setting and achieving goals and how quickly she could climb up the ladder if she focused on this mindset. This mindset shift was her most vital asset. “I realized if I just kept up this same energy, I could hit this goal. I gave myself a year and a half to earn a million in annualized volume, and I earned it in eight months,” said Park. 

Firmly believing she could do anything with this mindset, she was quickly on her way to leaving her humble beginnings far behind as she set off on a journey to the top. 

Success and Independence 

Although Park was now in demand in the insurance industry, there was still something that didn’t feel absolutely right. She began considering her next steps. 

In the meantime, Park got a job offer that would have changed her life at one point. However, the $80K salary didn’t mean as much as it once did—she wanted and deserved more.

In no time at all, she had set up her own firm. In January 2018, Inspired Insurance was born. But Park has so much more to give. One of the things she continues to do is help recruit and teach agents to do what she’s been able to do. She recruits and trains agents nationwide and has a book, accompanying workbook that helps new agents break into the industry, and an online course to help agents scale their businesses. And, she’s also found another way to help—through her own story. From food stamps to a seven-figure insurance agency (in just four years), Parks’ story is so inspiring; it’s no wonder she’s written a book about it!

The book is titled, “Soul Beneficiary: The Good, Better, Best Guide to Success in Selling Insurance,” and it’s part-memoir, part-industry-guide for people willing to push through the daily grind and build a remarkable career. Soul Beneficiary is set to be released in January 2022.

In the book, Park explains how the right mindset coupled with unwavering grit, can empower readers to overcome obstacles and limiting beliefs and make their own way in the world.

Dominating the industry with fiery courage, Park is set for the next adventure life has in store.

About Jessi Park

Jessi Park, President of Inspired Insurance, helps thousands of clients find the best policy for them, carrying over 200 carriers to choose from. You can find her book at  


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