Tamara Kiekhaefer, LCSW is the author of Preparing for the Jungle: Avoiding Snakes and Pitfalls on the Path to Healthy Love – today’s featured book.

Book Excerpt:

After the tireless work of searching high and low for a healthy, loving relationship, it is time to turn the
search within to become more empowered so you can be available for success in romance.
The world is filled with lonely people. Lonely alone, or lonely within their romantic relationships. Are you
one of them? People typically seek contentment from outside themselves. They either bounce from one
unsatisfying relationship to another, or they are so terrified of getting hurt that they avoid the dating
scene altogether. However, instinctually, we are not meant to be alone; in fact, being alone can lead to
an increase of depression and anxiety. The desire to share our lives with a significant other grows strong
in all of us.

Preparing for the Jungle is a book that will help you become available for a thriving relationship. Imagine
being able to sort through the past, stabilize the present, and prepare for the future in a safe and
structured environment. You will walk away with hands-on tools, strategies, and exercises to implement
that will change how you see yourself, others, and the course of your life in a positive and empowering

About the author:

With over twenty-two years of experience in mental health, Tamara Kiekhaefer is a seasoned
psychotherapist, author, course creator, and podcaster. Her mission is to empower individuals by
equipping them with tools and techniques for self-respect and empowerment. Tamara emphasizes the
importance of confidence and self-worth in fostering healthy relationships, believing that individuals
with strong boundaries attract like-minded individuals. Conversely, a lack of confidence can lead to
unhealthy relationship dynamics. Through her work, Tamara promotes the principle that healthy energy
attracts healthy energy, advocating for personal growth and well-being.