By Cynthia Helwig

"petite woman"According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the average woman’s height is 5’4″, which clarifies now more than ever that average truly is petite and makes up nearly 70% of the female population.  Finally, short women are being recognized as the majority and not the minority in the fashion industry.

Charles Cohen, Owner of Cinderella of Boston, knew a long time ago that the word “Petite” meant something and never waived from their commitment to provide the most attractive styles when the focus on small was merely an after thought for most shoe manufacturers.

“We have never given up on this market for more than 70 years now, “Cohen stated, “and try our very best to offer selections that are modern, fashionable and affordable.”

When Cinderella of Boston first began, it was a time dominated by World War II and women were needed to replace men who had gone off to war.  Their first great exodus of leaving the home for the workplace began and with that the creation of platform pumps with Mary Jane straps, polka-dotted peep holes, cut-out sides and elegant bows were the styles to wear.

In the 50’s the baby boom was underway as men returned from war and an energy to pick up lives, start families in new homes with new jobs was greater than ever before.  The slimmest possible heel was foremost in shoe design with light pumps, cut toes, curved vamps and enticing “v” shapes with molded heels. In the 60’s conservative women loved the stiletto but slip on shoes with clunky heels were also popular to wear with pants and all those babies conceived in the 50’s became teens and go-go boots went wild.

With the 70’s our culture went weird with flower power and funky disco, which meant fat, wide heels and platforms or wedgies and boots were a craze.  The 80’s meant power and more women were wearing business suits.  Strength was a key factor but sexy was important and sling backs with a pointed toe and slender heel dressed the suit.  And for those not wearing suits, stirrup pants and ankle boots with pointed toes was the look.

Cinderella of Boston has kept up right along with the changes and today old styles have resurfaced, retro floral fashion has come and gone, shoe boots and mid-calf boots are ever popular and high sexy heels are even hotter.  As long as fashion exists, women will always have a love for shoes and having enough space to house their sizable collections will always be a priority.

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