If you are a permanent makeup artist looking to increase your client bookings and business success, you will want to seriously consider your brand and how you present it to the world. After all, your brand is a way of creating a unique and exciting identity for the services you offer. By intentionally creating a brand, you will set yourself apart from the competitors in your area and begin to build a presence in your community.

Building a brand that potential clientele will respond to is the key to creating new bookings and something that many new business owners find challenging. However, branding doesn’t need to be tricky if you approach it in the right way. Below are seven easy steps recommended by industry experts to help you market your business and create the success you deserve.

Present an Accurate Image

When clients find you through advertising and social media, they expect your business to reflect your expressed ideals when they walk through your door. You can only be you, so don’t try to sell an inauthentic version of yourself. Ask yourself how you would want to be treated if you were the client and build your brand around those values.

Create a Logo

A logo helps create a unique brand identity, makes your business easily identifiable at a glance and makes the products and services you offer memorable. When creating your logo, choose colors, tones and fonts that represent the values you wish to portray to the public. Your logo should appear on social media posts, business cards and all marketing material.

Craft Relevant Messaging

In today’s world, we value beauty for its confidence-boosting effects. Concentrate on sending an uplifting message to beauty consumers – they’ll be drawn to your good vibes and more likely to book an appointment. 

Embrace Industry Trends

You want to keep your message relevant, and part of that is being ready to provide the cutting-edge services your clients may be interested in trying. More services equal more new bookings and better retention of existing clients.

Take Advantage of Free and Paid Advertising

What do you do when waiting in the doctor’s office or standing in a long line? If you’re like most people, you check in on your social media. In modern society, the value of embracing social media for marketing cannot be overstressed. Social media is a free tool you can leverage to grow your business exponentially. If your business is not engaging on social media, you are losing clients to someone who is. It is also in your best interest to invest in paid advertising, in order to reach your exact demographic and get in front of your target audience.

Remember that social media engagement goes beyond posting before and after pics of actual clients (though, you should be doing that, as well). You also want to engage with comments to build a positive relationship with those who are interested in your business. Answering questions, responding to reviewers both positive and negative, and creating posts that engage the community helps you connect on a personal level that can’t be achieved through any other form of advertising.

About Those Social Media Pics…

When you post pictures of your work, it will show your clients what they can expect from booking an appointment with you. Therefore, it would be the worst thing to do if you posted a blurry picture taken from the wrong angle. You should invest in a ring light and a good camera for the best photographs that will showcase your talents to maximum effect. Additionally, try taking pictures at different angles to capture your client’s best side and photograph in areas that are clean and free of clutter.

Consider Your Competitors

Your goal is to stand out among your competitors in a positive way. As such, you need to know how they are representing themselves. Look at how they are advertising and spend some time analyzing their social media strategies. Dissect their work to decide what is working for them and what isn’t. You will want to give some serious thought to how you can fill the gaps in their services and present a unique and engaging viewpoint.

When presenting your brand, make sure the implicit promises you make are promises you can keep. It is vital to be consistent with your messaging when working with clients in person. Your clients will expect you to treat them with respect, reproduce the artistry you have shown in client pics, and sometimes even offer extra incentives to reward their loyalty. Offering a measure of predictability with your services will help you reach new clients, make your business known and build excitement for your brand.

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