I remember having conversations with myself as to traveling to other countries and cities. Nothing gives the excitement of packing your clothes to head to the unknown. It is a fun situation, a living scenario where the leading role belongs to you. In my world, it means I am the Indiana Jones. This time my adventure would take place in a relatively more romantic city, Paris.

Well, okay Paris might be the city of lovers. However, I had a plan of my own. I could make Paris my date! So, this is how I made my dream came true. During a coffee conversation with my best friend, we noticed that we had something else in common. We shared the same dream in terms of exploring Paris. A few days later, we made our minds we were going to be in Paris and nothing could stop us. We collected all the documents and set the date for our trip to the city of romance. We even made up a slogan, ”Wait until we arrive in Paris and then fall in love”.

It was 3 o’clock in the morning and I was wide awake to make my way to the airport. I checked my luggage, my cabin bag and my passport almost five times and surprisingly, nothing seemed missing and wrong. This was it. The big moment came and I was so very excited. If I had been asked to explain my feelings more properly, I would have said, ” A reunion with someone I have never met yet I’ve always loved and admired.”

The plane landed and we kept saying, ” I can’t believe that we are finally in France!”. After a very short passport control procedure, we claimed our luggages. Thanks to Roissybus, a direct bus between the center of Paris and Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport , we arrived at the hotel earlier than we thought. As soon as we left our luggages into the safety of our rooms, there was only one thing left to do. Visiting the enchanting Louvre! I guess it would be unnecessary to point out how long we stayed in there. Speaking of which, do not skip having a look at the souvenirs when in Louvre no matter how expensive they are ( magnets, pencils, bags, notebooks …etc).

I would love to share every single moment I spent in Paris here with you. Instead, a few highlights will serve the purpose better, don’t you think?

1- Do not rush, take your time and walk along the streets of Paris. Metro is a practical way of sightseeing whereas walking along the River Seine offers you the most picturesque scenery.

2- Make sure you bought your museum, exhibition…etc tickets online so that you don’t need to spend your time waiting in the line.

3- Oh by the way, now that you’re in Paris, you can call yourself you’re a Parisian / Parisienne 😉 While taking as many photos as you wish, try giving it a break. You’ll see then, you’re being unfair to this beautiful city. Watch the city, hear the city and become one with Paris.

4- Enjoy your breakfast with a cup of coffee and croissant. ( Have one or two chocolate croissant, there is a reason why France is well-known for its yummy croissants. )

5- Exceed your limits, make a challenge. In other words, eat that escargot !  Local tastes are my favorite otherwise what’s the point of traveling right? Escargots are served in the shell and seasoned with basil and garlic. Ah, I almost forgot to mention the famous onion soup.

6- People are not cold at all. They may not speak English but they do try their best to help you. Sometimes they even try to draw to make more sense to you.Young Parisians speak English though.

7- Buy a metro ticket to see the top touristic spots, this way you’ll buy yourself more time and using the RER C line you can visit the Versailles easily.I have never seen such a beauty in my life. Every single corner of the Versailles is so captivating that you’ll feel dazed by beauty at some point.

8- The Sacré-Cœur Basilica  is a must-see place. It has an amazing scenery and you’ll be captivated by its idyllic atmosphere.

9- Spoil yourself with a treat. Lafayette Gourmet is the best destination for that. It is a food heaven. You can also try L’ Eclair de Genie and enjoy an eclair along with a cup of coffee. Paris is all about discovering the new, the different.

10- Leaving doesn’t have to be sad but rather a promise made for future. There is always a place you wish to visit in Paris. So, you’ll always have a reason to visit again.

Ozge Gurbuz, as a Political Science and International Relations graduate, has worked as a content creator, social media manager and translator for years. After completing a comprehensive program, ‘’Content Strategy for Professionals’’ given by Northwestern University, she decided that writing was not only what she was to do for living but also a passion that she needed to feed. However, in time her passion for writing followed my another passion, traveling. So, the idea of building her own online business as a content strategist in 2016 became a reality. While working online through her website ‘’The Rakoon’’, she also travels around the world. Along with her online business, she enjoys writing on her blog, www.thewitchywitch.com  and shares her travel photos on her instagram account,  www.instagram.com/apieceofthis.