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Parenting Author is Doing the BEST She Can

Meet Lisa Hein, Speaker & Parenting Author in Seminole, FL

Lisa Hein wrote THE BOOK “I’m Doing The Best I Can!” (They won’t always be cute and adorable) and has been speaking to  parents about what they can do to help empower their children to be healthy and happy.  She says “It’s really important for parents to understand that what we say and the way we act impacts our children.”  She says she found out the hard way that trying to be the center of her child’s world had astounding repercussions.  She was so innocent, with her behavior, and believed it was ‘no big deal’ to spoil him to the point that he began to believe the world owed him everything.
Lisa’s journey began when she watched her -really great family- experience total chaos in a blink of an eye.  One day things were awesome and then he was thirteen!  She says her behavior of always being there and making sure all of his needs were being met caused some serious misperceptions within her child. He felt as though they were in some sort of competition.  Lisa said “All I wanted to do was be a good mom, have his friends feel welcomed when they were in our home, and be involved in every aspect of his life.”  Little did she know that not allowing him to grow into his own person and make his own decisions, whether good or bad, would eventually strip him of his character.
With so many self-help books available, Lisa chose to be slightly different in her approach.  Her experience does not come from studying years at college, but from being a mother for twenty-two years.  THE BOOK is her personal story that shares how innocent behavior can and will rear its ugly head as your child begins to reach ‘those teenage years.’
Since Lisa began speaking two years ago throughout the Florida and Colorado, the sale of her book and the fees for speaking has given her a feeling of success.  “At times,” she says, “It’s just not about the money; it’s about the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped another family see there are other ways of approaching parenting that can and will leave you knowing that ‘you did the best you could!’
Lisa has no formal training as a writer or motivational speaker, and says that THE BOOK was a gift from God. She never set out to be an author, or to stand in front of complete strangers sharing her heartfelt story of feeling like such a failure as a parent.  Sitting at her computer for hours during the middle of the night, she journaled her thoughts, never feeling anyone could understand what she was going through, so she would talk it out in her own mind.  She even began to write poetry to express to her child her feelings of sadness because of how their really neat relationship took a turn for the worst.
Lisa has been seen on national and local television shows, heard on radio, including Sirius, had articles published on internet websites as well as magazines, and invited to speak at PTA Meetings, conferences and women’s organizations.  She says that her motivation is to encourage parents to take back their position as Parent, not trying to be their child’s friend, and to be tough while setting boundaries. THE BOOK has been very well-received; in fact, it has been said to be ‘one of the most down to earth parenting resources available

For more information visit: www.LisaRHein.com

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