This weekend’s Superbowl doesn’t have to end in 4 hours of bloated agony from the unthinkable amount of beer you consumed. A wide variety of wines can pair perfectly with Sunday’s wings, subs, chips & dips, and won’t leave you feeling like you’ll need to be put on bed rest for the next week.

Below, I’ve highlighted several food and wine pairing tips from VOGA Italia Wine that are a total touchdown for enjoying yourself this weekend, without sacrificing all of your calories on beer.


"Pair Wine with Wings this Superbowl"


Hot Wings and Moscato
Mostcato’s sweet and tangy flavor is perfect for cutting through the acidity and heat that comes with eating buffalo wings



Chips & Dip & Pinot"chips and dip and pinot for Super Bowl Sunday"
Sip on some light and airy Pinot Girigo to wash away the abundance of salt that comes along with an addicting chip and dip platter



"Burgers and Sweet Dolce Rosso"Burgers and Sweet Dolce Rosso – If you plan on bracing the cold and grilling up a few burgers for the big game, pair it with a rich and sweet Dolce Rosso. The deep flavors will enhance your succulent burger



Subs and Bubbly Prosecco
Bubbly Prosecco is perfect for a lighter option to go with a sub’s heavy cold cuts and thick Italian bread":Subs and Bubbly Prosecco"





"Baby Sparkling for Super Bowl Sunday"Baby Sparkling
The perfectly portioned wine! A 187mL personal bottle of Sparkling Wine at only 155 calories


About VOGA Italia Wine

VOGA Italia hails from Italy, the country best known for producing some of the world’s best wine as well as its’ keen sense of style. VOGA Italia encompasses all aspects offering a collection of crisp delicious wine thoughtfully packaged in a revolutionary re-designed bottle featuring a unique resealable cap. Since the company’s inception, VOGA has earned numerous awards and accolades for their sleek and sexy glass cylindrical bottle, presentation and most importantly taste.  The collection retails from $10.99 to $15.99 and includes Pinot Grigio, Moscato, Dolce Rosso, Prosecco, Premium Sparkling and Baby Sparkling. VOGA is available in over 62 countries, hundreds of major cities, and can be found in thousands of the world’s trendiest bars, restaurants and shops. Wherever, whenever, if you are drinking VOGA you are drinking IN Style.

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