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Brazil and Cachacas Rich History

When I say Brazil, what do you think of?  Carnival?  Rain forests? Copacabana Beach?  Or maybe the exotic Latin cocktails for which Brazil is known, such as the ubuquitous caipirinha – practically the national drink of Brazil!  But there is more to caipirinha than meets the eye.  At its heart […]

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It’s Never Too Late to Have a Happy Childhood

By Ester Kane Abstract: A woman-centred psychotherapist explains the concept of the “inner child” and the benefits of getting to know your own inner child. I thought it might be nice to celebrate our “inner child” in this article. I’m guessing that most of you know what I’m talking about […]

Women Can Make More Money on the WEB
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Women Can Make More Money on the WEB

The Ten Biggest Reasons Women Can Make More Money on the WEB than Men: 1. A few women can change lives; thousands together can create windfalls for all. 2. Women love to network, share and spread the wealth. 3. Women were given two ears and they actually use them. 4. […]

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Interview with Cheryl Esposito

Interview with Cheryl Esposito, by Lisa R. Tucci   Cheryl Esposito founder of Alexsa Consulting and Center for World Leadership is internationally recognized for coaching leaders to increase effectiveness, successfully navigate transitions, and expand their realm of possibilities. For more than twenty years, she has coached CEOs and senior executives, […]

Women on a MISSION

Interview with Anne Bourgaux-De Gradi

Interview with Anne Bourgaux-De Gradi   How did you become interested in your profession?  When I was 13, I read a story about a psychiatrist who treated a schizophrenic woman. I was fascinated about the, for me, new ways to communicate and help a person in this situation.  And I […]

Women on a MISSION

Meet Patricia Smith Melton of Peace X Peace

Meet Patricia Smith Melton of Peace X Peace 1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. The overarching quest (a magnetic pull) in my life has been to experience deeply the truth that daily life is sacred AND simultaneously to take pragmatic actions that heal wounds and create harmony. Other […]