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Allow wellness, don’t settle for less
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Allow wellness, don’t settle for less

Allow wellness, don’t settle for less by Christian Perkins  It is not uncommon for people to choose natural alternatives to health care, preventative maintenance or specific healing, at least once.  Those that found the proper solution stick with and often research natural alternatives even more.  However, many skeptical people try […]

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When is a glass neither red nor white?

When is a glass neither red nor white?  When it’s green, of course!  The South African wine industry has always been among the most forward-thinking industries in the country.  Long before formal Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) programmes were adopted by the government, farmers in the Western Cape were already launching schemes whereby […]

Did Someone Say Pamper?
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Did Someone Say Pamper?

Did Someone Say Pamper? by Michelle Sweeney   We are all busy people.  If we are not busy looking after our businesses, then we are busy looking after our families.  Trying to strike an even balance between the two is hard enough but more often than not, we are guilty […]

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Supporting Mother Earth

SUPPORTING MOTHER EARTH  By Elizabeth Skronski While the dictionary defines the verb “to sustain” to mean: to keep in existence, to maintain, to supply with necessities or nourishment, the term “sustainability” did not exist until recently.  Nowadays the word sustainability is widely used as a politically correct term linked to […]

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8 Reasons Why An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

8 Reasons Why ‘An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away’ Can Still Work For You Today by Maria Schasteen Two thousand years ago the wisdom, “An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away” fit people’s lifestyle just right. The air clean and crisp without the pollution of industrialization; the […]

Women on a MISSION

Meet Josephine Okut of Victoria Seeds

From Seed to Harvest – Changing the Way Africa Farms   Josephine Okot is on a mission:  To single-handedly improve the quality of agriculture – and thereby the quality of life – for farmers in Uganda, and, if she gets her way, for people across the African continent. Josephine started […]