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Women on a MISSION

Meet Stacy Lill & Kathy Johanson

Meet Stacy Lill & Kathy Johanson Co-founders of Owines Kathy is married to a wonderful man named Bob Johanson and has a girl French Bulldog named Zoe.  Kathy is a Boeing Manager, she started at Boeing in 1986.   Kathy has taught Master level classes part time at City University over […]

Women on a MISSION

Meet Glenys Byrd

Meet Glenys Byrd, Founder of Love Those Shoes Born into business, as both her parents, her brother and her  future husband were all in business, so other than flirting briefly with being a hairdresser (which her Mother didn’t appreciate) Glenys Byrd didn’t really think about doing anything else.  She says:  […]

Women on a MISSION

Meet Cathy Rosebaugh-Jennings

Meet Cathy Rosebaugh-Jennings Founder of Alterna Home Solutions   Cathy Rosebaugh-Jennings is a 46-year-old dynamic woman entrepreneur who is blessed to have a business that allows her to blend her personal passions with her professional skills and relationships. She also has a wonderful and supportive family and circle of friends […]



By Karen Zizzo In the dark days of December comes the wonderful holidays of the Judeo-Christian faiths. Gathering with family and friends during the holiday season is a very special time of good cheer and holiday festivities.  Everyone seems to make a concerted effort to gather with loved ones…to visit […]

Books and Writing

Authors: Collaborate with your local community to sell more books

  For authors the traditional way of selling your book is by traveling the bookstore circuit and doing book signings. Now, that is all well and good (and it does bring in sales) however, that is not the only way to sell books.  There are many more ways to sell […]

Balance & Lifestyle / Earthwise - Green Living

Green Is As Green Is Produced

by Bea Kunz Greening is a popular state of thinking all around the world. Sadly some people/places are cutting corners and breaking rules in order to appear “green.”   I’ve read where more people and companies are paying attention to the difference in prices between products made with recycled materials […]