Here are ten tips to help you stay safe when planning your online dating strategy by Priceless Profiles


Did you know that almost 40 million Americans are turning their computers on to find love? According to the book Sex in America: A Definitive Survey by Robert T. Michael,  63% of married couples claim to have found their mates through their network of friends both online and off. And of those 40 million, roughly 48% are women. That means on average, there are 86 single men to every 100 single women in America. With the odds slightly in favor of men finding a date or a mate it is crucial to know the “rules.”  Especially where a woman’s safety is a concern.  Priceless Profiles shares these Ten Tips to help you stay safe, before you have a go at the online world of dating:

1.       User Name – Only use your first name.
a.       Never give your last name to a potential match until you feel comfortable with them.
b.      The power of google allows people to find information about you including where you live and work in just a few clicks.

2.       Location in your profile –Include a general description of your location.  For example South Florida instead of off 18th street in Boca Raton.  While there are lots of great people, not everyone has good intentions.   Ensure your safety by only giving the necessary information.

3.       Email Address – We recommend creating a free email address just for your online dating profiles.
a.       If you choose to use your name only use your first name.
b.      While we love gmail and AOL; because of their chat feature we do not recommend it unless you forward them to another account.  If your potential date has gmail or AOL they can monitor every time you are checking your emails.

4.       Phone number  – When you are ready to talk on the phone we recommend getting the man’s phone number and calling him.
a.       When you call him use your cell phone.
b.      If you have had limited email interactions you may want to block your number during the first call.  Its simple, just dial *67 and then the number.
c.       We do not recommend using your home phone number because it is possible to find your home address using a reserve phone number look up website.

5.       Photo – A photo is a essential to online dating.
a.       This rule also applies for your potential dates. If your match does not have a photo posted ask for a photo. If they will not send one consider this a red flag and move on.

6.       Write Up – Be honest, but use discretion; you do not have to share every detail of your life.

7.       Sexual– While sex sells in advertising we do not recommend it in online dating profiles. You may attract the wrong attention.

8.       Take time to get to know each other – Look at the dating process as a marathon, not a sprint.  There is no rush.
a.       Get to know each other through emails and phone calls before meeting in person.
b.      This is important for your safety and also makes your first date more enjoyable because you will have instant conversation topics.
c.       If a match is rushing to meet you in person this could be a red flag.  |

9.       First Meeting  –  Use the same rules you would when dating someone you met through networking or at a bar. There are many nice people on online dating websites, but you should be cautious and trust your gut.  Look for red flags.
a.       Meet in a public place.
b.      A first date during the day is preferred.
c.       Avoid drinking alcohol.  A coffee shop is the ideal place for a first date.
d.      Tell a friend or family member where you are doing and when you expect to return.
e.      Call them when you get home.

10.   Be Yourself and Have Fun – Dating should be a fun.  After following these tips the final step is to have a good time.

About Priceless Profiles:
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