How to turn your “trash” into cash! by Heidi Richards Mooney

Here’s the scenario: You have a closet full of suits from “back in the day” when you went to work in an office every day, just hanging there taking up space. You tell yourself that you might need them again someday. But let’s be realistic. You’ve been working from home for 5 years now. If you don’t do something with those suits soon, they will be so outdated you won’t be able to give them away!

And what about that bread maker your sister gave you? Baking bread may have seemed like a good idea at the time – and then you went on a diet. And so did the whole family! No more bread for you. It’s practically new and you really don’t want to throw it out but you could use the space… for other things you will actually use. Let’s not forget an office full of books, CD’s DVD’s and video games taking up space in the room and your head. And what about all the sports memorabilia collecting dust in a corner of the room?

Sure you could give them away or you could turn these treasures into cold hard cash! A whole industry was created just to take care of making space in your home. Online Auctions and classifieds are everywhere you look fro all corners of the internet and they are there  just to help put more green in your wallet.

Here are just a few places you can sell your“trash” online and make your wallet overflow instead of your closets and cupboards: – is an online community of classifies and forums that is region-specific and easy to use – and it’s free! There’s even a section dedicated to cleaning out your closets – click “for sale,” then click on “clothes and acc.” When you post, details matter. The more descriptive you are with an item, the greater chance you have of actually selling it. And a picture is worth a thousand words. Include pictures of those hot off your hanger items.

Exchange it! – exchange stores (unlike consignment shops) give you cash on the spot or credit toward a purchase  or those items that are almost new and no longer fit or are no longer desirable.

Check out Plato’s Closet – and Crossroad Trading Co. – . They carry and buy popular brands, stylish “digs” and more.

Cupboards overflowing? – is the perfect place to sell those unwanted household items. Post your ad and photo (for free) on a local classified provider such as, or and someone looking for what you are selling will find it.

Heard of is owned by ebay and according to their site here are just a few great reasons to list on “No start-up or listing fees… we only make money when you do. Easy listing… using ISBN or UPC makes listing a snap. The items you list are seen by millions of potential buyers. Who knows, it could even lead
to a new business venture.”

Have collectibles you’d like to part with? Collectibles generally get nice resale prices. If you are a Hummel Collector, check out HummelExchange, a site that connects buyers and sellers looking for specific pieces.

And of course if you want to sell your used Computers, Consumer Electronics, (or other categories) there is always eBay, the world’s largest online marketplace… As a member, you are already registered for eBay! Just be aware of the fees you will be charged as a reseller.

Don’t want to go the Internet route? There are still old-fashioned garage sales and consignment stores just for you!  Garage-sale-specific sites such as   offer free listings to visitors. List your event there and in your local newspapers and sell, sell, sell.

 Babies R Us offers a 20% discount on cribs, strollers and other pieces of baby gear to customers who bring in used ones.

And other retailers will pay for your unwanted books, CD’s, DVDs,  broken iPods ~ no purchase necessary.  

And finally, if you don’t want to sell your “trash,” give it away! There are charities in abundance just waiting to “recycle” the treasures you no longer want.