Jamie Inman, Founder & CEO of Stay In The Pink in Hollister, CA

Three years ago, Jamie Inman learned she had breast cancer for the second time, and for the second time her life was spared because of early detection. Even though she lost both breasts and endured 18 months of hell, she emerged healthier in body and spirit, and now she gladly devotes herself to the fight against breast cancer.  Initially Jamie posted her story on breast cancer websites and people contacted her for information and support as they faced various stages of treatment. Her surgeon began referring patients to her for assistance in the daunting process of choosing surgical options.  

Then in December 2007 one of these “survivor sisters” introduced her to the Plexus Pink Breast Chek™ Kit, an FDA-registered, Class II medical device designed to help women do monthly breast self-exams.  Jamie immediately joined Plexus Pink, a multi-level marketing company that promotes breast health through a simple, five-step program of prevention and early detection.  This includes instruction in prevention practices such as daily breast massage with botanical cream, weekly lymph drainage, and monthly self-exams with the Breast Chek™ Kit. 

With these added to her arsenal, Jamie formed Stay In The Pink in 2008 and began hosting Pink Parties, where friends gathered in a festive atmosphere to learn about breast cancer awareness and see her products demonstrated.  Her business quickly expanded to include civic organizations, health fairs, and trade shows.  Several non-profit groups invited her to teach Breast Cancer 101 classes, where she donated dozens of the Breast Chek™ Kits.  She donated several more to missions in Africa. At the Kenya site, where the Breast Chek™ Kit was the most advanced screening device they had, the team saw about 300 women each day.  Nursing students were taught what to look for with the Breast Chek™ Kits.   One worker said, “We found some real goombas and were able to get help for the ladies with these growths.” 

Most recently Jamie has built a presence on the internet through social media networking where she not only interacts daily with people struggling with breast cancer, and advances her message of breast health awareness, she is currently developing reciprocal product promotion with other breast cancer groups.  Her website expands weekly with new research updates, blog posts, unique retail items, and an upcoming interactive Pink Café.

Stay In The Pink was born of Jamie’s commitment to make a difference through education, resources, breast health products, and practical support.   Because of her profession as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, plus her own journey down the lonely road of breast cancer, Jamie is passionate about bridging the gap between excellent care of patients’ bodies and excellent emotional care for their hearts and minds.  The doctors cannot do it all, and patients cannot do without both.  Stay In The Pink exists to be that bridge.

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