It’s that time again! Time once again to get out your blogrolls… and nominate a Woman Blogger to Watch for 2015! You can nominate in one of two ways. You can leave a comment below with the name and url of the website/blog you want to nominate, fill out the contact form here: or send your nomination to with “Woman Blogger Nomination 2015”.

It would be helpful if you can also tell us why you are nominating the woman blogger for this award (but its not mandatory). Our team will visit the blog and review its content and about page. If we feel the blog meets our criteria (must have been blogging for at least a year at the time of the nominations, must be a woman blogger and must be an active blogger (posting at least one blog article a week). Once we have our 100 women nominations we will publish the list on WE Magazine for Women. 

Self Nominations are welcome.  "Nominate Your Favorite Woman Blogger to Watch"

We have an award icon honorees can post to their blog.

Types of blogs we have featured in the past:

Fashion blog

Gossip blog

Writing blog

Advice blog

Technology blog

Photography blog

Self-development blog

Educational blog

How-to blog

Food blog

Parenting blog

Community blog

Non-profit blog

Association blog

Sports blog

Teen blog

Humorous blog

Medical blog

Pet Blog

Book blog

Kids blog

Product Review blog

Recovery blog

And more….

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