If you have not yet heard of POKEN, join the crowd. You are not alone.  POKEN is a fun little social networking gadget that allows users to exchange contact information (and much more) just by touching the POKENS together.  They call it a “HI FOUR.”  That’s because POKENS have four fingers on their cute little hand. And the hand holds the data in the little USB device that’s attached to the rest of the POKEN.

If you are confused, not to worry. This YouTube video better explains How to USE a POKEN.

If you want to know more about POKEN here’s an article I wrote about it Is POKEN, Your Social Networking Business Card Yet
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To get your own POKEN go to POKEN GIRL  and grab yours. They come in a variety of styles to suite many personalities.  There is even a Bling Kit to dress your POKEN up.