Early months with newborns are joyous and exciting, and with a little help, parents can get through it all to enjoy those precious moments! Here’s our “newborn survival guide” of baby goodies that soon-to-be new parents will appreciate. From snuggly blankets to darling clothes to healthy skincare products, these fresh, new products will become parents’ must-have favorites!


Baby Booster 

Beat that fuzzy baby brain and get more energy with some extra nutrition for moms and newbies with Baby Booster . This safe, all-natural prenatal and nursing supplement takes out the guess work of prenatal and nursing nutrition with many delicious flavors that are easy to whip up.  



Rockin’ Baby Slings
Don’t be nervous about carrying your newborn in a sling! Rockin’ Baby  slings are made of soft, 100% cotton that snuggly holds your baby right up next to you. Choose from a kaleidoscope of patterns and colors and with every sling purchased, Rockin’ Baby donates a new sling to a Haitian or Kenyan mother.


Dress up that little buddle in the luscious, award-winning TinyBitz  Growing Kit that comes in three different-sized onesies that change with the season as your baby grows. Your little one can also kick around freely and comfortably as they sleep and stay warm in the super soft double-layered cotton TinyBitz sleeping bags, with a convenient two-way zipper on for breathing and nappy access.



Green Goo Mama & Baby Set 

Keep mamas and babies happy and healthy with Green Goo®  Mommy and Baby products. The Green Goo Baby Balm is a gentle and soothing salve to moisturize your child’s sensitive skin while offering medicinal properties that soothe a broad spectrum of baby skin irritations. For nursing moms there’s the soothing Comfort Cream or the Sitz Bath Tea Bag for post-partum care. 

Aspen Lane Blankets 


Wrap up youngins with a soft and personalized Aspen Lane  baby blanket made of organic cotton or add your baby’s name on a puffy name pillow. Aspen Lane creates unique, personal gifts of home decorations, baby pieces, apparel and more. 


Abiie Highchair

Instead of storing multiple boosters, highchairs and kid’s chairs for each stage of the little one’s growth, simplify with all-in-one Abiie’s  Beyond Junior Y Highchair that grows with the child to adulthood! Beyond Junior Y Highchair is an eco-friendly, beautifully constructed chair that will last the lifespan of a child — so no more buying different chair sizes!

Molly’s Suds 


Freshen up that next load of laundry with Molly’s Suds  all-natural laundry powder! Simply made with only five earth-derived ingredients, and without any harsh chemicals that can hurt baby’s health and Mother Earth, Molly’s Suds are perfect for sensitive skin and your whole family. 



Designed specifically for nursing moms, the patented Boppy®  Best Latch™ Breastfeeding Pillow has two distinct feeding surfaces to support moms while breastfeeding and bonding with their babies. The firm surface features a soft, minky fabric with a stable platform for breastfeeding and a softer fiberfill side for a more snuggly surface. For moisture-rich relief from sore or cracked nipples, Boppy Bloom® Soothing Breast Balm is a 100% natural and lanolin-free formula with a lovely White Citrus Shea scent that’s perfect for before and after nursing.



Give your baby the comfort, support and all the security with the Hugaboo™  Baby Seat. Snug as a hug, slip your little one into her own cozy and comfy Hugaboo, to comfortably watch her surroundings and develop sensory and motor skills. She’ll also gain a little independence while you gain peace of mind knowing she’s safe and comfortable. 



Yearning to create the most wondrous nursery or have a change of heart on design while decorating? Don’t sweat it with Tempaper , the first peel-and-stick wallpaper. Tempaper specializes in the cutting edge of design to instantly transformation any nursery or room with chic and engaging designs that will delight your little one.