Meet Mary Agnes Antonopoulos Owner of Rockaway Writer in Monroe, NY

Mary Agnes Antonopoulos is the owner of Rockaway Writer, an online freelance writing and blogging service.  She is also a well-known social networking strategist and public speaker on Web 2.0 applications for small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

Rockaway Writer earns most of its revenue through social networking strategy sessions, campaigns and widely attended teleseminars, as well as the online sales of workbooks and recordings.  Rockawaywriter has a staff of three to help support the implementation of Web 2.0 marketing efforts, and there is a secondary revenue stream through Mary Agnes’ freelance writing, blogging and advanced PowerPoint presentations.

Some of Rockaway Writer’s successful and prestigious clients have included Jack Canfield, Christine Comaford, Andrea Goeglein, Ph.D. (aka Dr. Success), and many others.  After twenty-five years as an executive assistant and part-time writer, in June of 2007, Mary Agnes Antonopoulos abandoned the hustle of the New York banking scene and embraced the chance to start her own company.  Her favorite line to represent this amazing life shift was a title to a blog, “Goodbye Fat Secretary, Hello Wonder Woman.” 

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