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New York Freelance Writer has the WRITE Stuff

Meet Mary Agnes Antonopoulos Owner of Rockaway Writer in Monroe, NY

Mary Agnes Antonopoulos is the owner of Rockaway Writer, an online freelance writing and blogging service.  She is also a well-known social networking strategist and public speaker on Web 2.0 applications for small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

Rockaway Writer earns most of its revenue through social networking strategy sessions, campaigns and widely attended teleseminars, as well as the online sales of workbooks and recordings.  Rockawaywriter has a staff of three to help support the implementation of Web 2.0 marketing efforts, and there is a secondary revenue stream through Mary Agnes’ freelance writing, blogging and advanced PowerPoint presentations.

Some of Rockaway Writer’s successful and prestigious clients have included Jack Canfield, Christine Comaford, Andrea Goeglein, Ph.D. (aka Dr. Success), and many others.  After twenty-five years as an executive assistant and part-time writer, in June of 2007, Mary Agnes Antonopoulos abandoned the hustle of the New York banking scene and embraced the chance to start her own company.  Her favorite line to represent this amazing life shift was a title to a blog, “Goodbye Fat Secretary, Hello Wonder Woman.” 

For more information visit her Website: http://www.RockawayWriter.com or Blog http://FatGorgeousAss.blogspot.com

Connect with Mary Agness online at:

Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/RockawayWriter  or  @rockawaywriter 
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/rockawaywriter
Facebook:  www.Facebook.com/RockawayWriter

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  1. You’re darn right she has the write stuff! Mary Agnes’ writing skills, adaptability to each client’s niche, creativity, ingenuity, reliability and character are unparalleled. I HIGHLY recommend her services. She is a true Wonder Woman!

  2. I have had the blessing to attend Mary’s 20/20 Social networking classes and, although it may sound like a canned infomercial testimonial, I started my twitter account that night, got it all set up, and within a week I had 800 followers. It has significantly helped my business. Glad to see this article on here so that others can also enjoy Mary’s talents, services, and never ending kindness. Great writer, social-networking expert, and all around person!

  3. Brenda Wendelken says:

    It sounds as if this woman took quite a chance but made the leap from salaried employee to being her own boss. In this day and age, and with our current economic climate, that’s quite an accomplishment. I have been the recipient of several of her blogs and can attest to their timeliness and good advice.

  4. I have had the good fortune to feature Mary Agnes as a guest on my Mindshare Branding teleseminar series to discuss the importance of having a social media strategy as part of your brand. Not only does she understand technology, but she is brilliant with content. Mary Agnes is a truly gifted writer – not something you find online very often these days!

  5. Rose Riskind says:

    Mary Agnes is brilliant! She has an inate ability to convey precisley the right message in the right way without sounding too contived. I was lucky to be introduced to her professionally, took her class, and now consioder her both a friend and trusted adviser. We need more like her.

  6. Thomas Antonopoulos says:

    I have to totally agree with Anthony C.: “talents, services and never ending kindness”. I can assure you that I am amazed with the people she writes for very successfully. She has an amazing writing talent and a vast knowledge on social media. I’ve witnessed her to help people to achieve their goals with persoanl attention. I’m not only her husband but a very satisfied client.

    Tommy Antonopoulos

  7. Mary Agnes is just THE BEST!! A long time friend, but one who really came through for me when I got laid off several months back. She helped me get off ground zero with social networking, got me to start blogging (a little anyway) and most of all helped me turn my attitude around. Instead of staying in the problem and unemployed, to get off my butt and do what I had been hemming and hawing about finding the “perfect time” to do. Start the photography tour business I really wanted to do.

  8. What can I say about MaryAgnes? She dedicates so much of her life to her company and her clients. That’s who she is. She is a believer in her clients, her friends, and mostly her family. The strong belief she has in her family has propelled her into what she has become today. Her words are kind, truthful, and full of enthusiasm. Wait, I just described MaryAgnes.

  9. Melissa Bogen says:

    Mary Agnes has tremendous drive, energy, and enthusiasm for her work. Anyone wanting to increase their web presence or drive more traffic to their web site would do well to use her services.

  10. Mary Agnes has phenomenal social networking strategy and writing expertise! Her classes are extremely practical, focused, and packed with valuable strategies, tips and techniques. She is also tremendously kind, collaborative and empowering.

    It is my profound privilege to have connected with her professionally and personally. And I will always look forward to our ongoing collaborations!

    To our continued success,
    Christine Hueber
    Where do you want to go?

  11. Tamara Corbin says:

    Mary is altogether the RIGHT stuff! She lives her legacy, providing outstanding service to her clients and each of her 20/20 classes is PACKED with value and pratcial information that can be put to immediate use. The best part? It really works! Mary knows her stuff.
    All of this plus her infectious, vivacious attitude – always so positive and willing to help. If its writing or social media you need help with, I highly recommend Mary! 🙂

  12. Mary Agnes created her business in a way that matters. She focused on her personal loves and talents, and then developed a way to share them with others in the form of a business offering. I credit her skill with creating my web presence and recommend her at every opportunity. WE Magazine thank you for letting others know of Mary Agnes’ great business.

  13. One great thing about Mary Agnes and her writing is that she “writes to the ear”, engaging readers in a conversation. Through her work she crafts the story and personality behind professionals and business owners from all walks of life. Not only can she really get the conversations going, Mary Agnes has expert command of Web 2.0 and its most leading-edge tools to bring people together. Way to go Mary Agnes, all of your hard entrepreneurial work and willingness to take change and run with it have really paid off.

  14. Mary Agnes ROCKS! She is seriously the BEST writer out there, and hits the message every time! Passionate, compassionate, and just an all around great gal. If you ever have the pleasure of working with her, consider yourself lucky!

  15. Hello

    Mary is a giver first, listens well then you get a wave of wonderful information.

    She is professional and a joy to speak with. I you are new to social networking / media do your self a favor and sign up for her course. It fast informative and it works!

  16. Mary Agnes is an “Angel” and anyone who gets the privilege to work with her, will understand what I mean by what I say.

    She goes way above and beyond the call of duty and her name should be next to the definition of the word professional.

    Her writing is off the charts great and I want to personally thank WE for honoring the right person.

    Thank you MA!

    Laura Fenamore, CEO

  17. Fiona Ivancsik says:

    Mary Agnes is a woman who embraces all she meets. Her knowledge of all things Social Networking and her excellent writing skills are boundless. And her support and genorosity I’ve witnessed in the short time I’ve known her have blown me away.
    Fiona Ivancsik

  18. Mary Agnes quickly assessed my situation before contributing valuable thoughts to what I was doing. She has great insight and valuable ideas. I recommend her whole heartedly for whatever your project entails. Truly a remarkably talented woman.