WorkFit-P Credit Ergotron

WorkFit-P Credit Ergotron

With each New Year comes an abundance of health resolutions. However well intended, many people often fall short of meeting their wellness goals. This year, increase the odds of realizing resolution success with the help of practical and purposeful diet, fitness, self-care and other healthy living products. The marketplace is teeming with ingenious solutions, such as those cited below, which can help ensure you look and feel your very best from top to bottom, and from the inside out, all year through.

SUPREME Advanced BOTO Targeted Age Defying Wrinkle Filler ( )
Specially developed to target wrinkles, this breakthrough, dual action formula is fortified with an exclusive fusion of actives that immediately go to work filling creases and re-plumping skin. SUPREME Advanced BOTO Targeted Age Defying Wrinkle Filler is a unique, potent, paraben-free formula that contains phospholipids and stem cells to cultivate beautiful looking skin. Supreme is the newest line by Premier. The entire line is paraben-Free and features plant based-stem cells. BOTO, a play on the word BOTOX, provides intense moisturization and both short and long term wrinkle relief by “plumping” the surface to lessen the appearance of wrinkles. Just apply the filler directly into the wrinkle base in soft movements, lightly tapping until absorbed. The product can be used alone or as part of the full BOTO Age Defying Kit that includes Age Defying Cream, Serum, Mask and, of course, the Targeted Wrinkle Filler.

Colorescience Anti-Aging Serum ( ) – $150
Experience immediate results and continued benefits with Colorescience Anti-Aging Serum, a 3-in-1 treatment product clinically shown to improve your appearance. This serum is designed to diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles while improving skin’s resiliency, clarity, texture, tone, hydration and luminosity. The product contains Decaplex-10—a synergistic peptide complex that improves the signs of aging, improve skin firmness and texture to appear smoother. This Anti-Aging Serum also contains Hyaluronic Acid, which helps with increased hydration and firmness. One clinical study of this product showed that 97% of patients experienced overall improvements in fine lines, skin texture, and clarity while 100% experienced improvements in the overall appearance of crow’s feet, radiance and firmness.  Colorescience Anti-Aging Serum is ideal for all skin types.

Luxie Rose Gold Synthetic 12-Piece Makeup Brush Set ( ) – $110
The Luxie Rose Gold Collection Synthetic 12-Piece Makeup Brush Set is a 100% Animal Cruelty Free brush set with high quality synthetic hair bristles that are soft to the touch. From a health perspective, I particularly like this set because it’s coated with a revolutionary antibacterial solution for minimal brush cleansing, ensuring your brushes remain fresh and clean for longer periods of time. Also well designed for makeup application, the density of the brushes allow for an even application without any wasted product and does not absorb the product into the bristles. Each brush is cut to precision in order to perfectly apply products to the natural contours of the face. With its Vegan makeup qualities from bristles to ferrule, this Rose Gold brush set is a great addition to your makeup collection.

PanOxyl Acne Products ( ) – $7.99-$11.99
Start the New Year off right by putting your best face forward with the help of PanOxyl’s dermatologist-recommended skincare products. The 10% Acne Cleansing Bar is perfect for the shower and for managing breakouts from head to toe. Have problems with dry skin? The 4% Acne Creamy Wash is pH-balanced to kill acne-causing bacteria while maintaining your skin’s hydration. The best-selling 10% Acne Foaming Wash eliminates 99% of acne-causing bacteria with its maximum strength Benzoyl Peroxide formulation while the Advanced Acne Spot Treatment is the perfect on-the-go solution for fighting blemishes fast. The spot treatment is effective in killing acne-causing bacteria while being gentle on skin. With this set pimples don’t have a chance!

AeroOne Air Disinfection System ( – $899
Breathe easy this year with unparalleled indoor air quality courtesy of the AeroOne. The AeroOne is much more than an air purifier. It is an air disinfection system, designed to kill and remove living microorganisms from the air as efficiently as possible. Unlike standard physical air filtration systems, this device uses a unique, patent-pending solid reactor system which combines ultraviolet light with a solid matrix of UV-transmissible lenses combined with a filtration system stout enough to be used in hospitals. The AeroOne is creating a new generation of home air disinfection systems. Made in the U.S.A., the AeroOne uses high quality steel and components to ensure high end performance. This unit is especially helpful for people with asthma, allergies, and those who suffer from weak immune systems.

ZzzQuil Plugged-In Sleep Enhancer ( ) – $10.99
Quality sleep can be tough to come by, but with the ZzzQuil Plugged-In Sleep Enhancer you can create the ultimate sleep environment with the soothing aromas of lavender and chamomile. More than just spa-centric scent, lavender has actually been shown to decrease heart rate and blood pressure, potentially putting you in a more relaxed state and leaving you feeling more vigorous in the morning. Equipped with heat activated ZzzPads, this purposeful plug-in gradually releases the calming scents for non-medicated comfort and a better night’s sleep. The compact, portable design also has adjustable scent levels to accommodate any sized room with up to 8 hours of aromatherapy relief.

The Smart Alert Nightlight ( ) – $99
The Smart Alert Nightlight is easy-to-use device with a beautiful sleek design that monitors a home’s existing smoke and CO alarms, tracks temperature and humidity, and alerts residents of any changes or issues via the free Leeo smartphone APP. The device also contains an LED light, which allows minimal energy consumption, and gives you access to over 16 million colors to customize based on mood, time of day or home décor. With no monthly fees or complicated installation required, homeowners and renters can secure their homes by simply plugging the device into a centralized power outlet. The associated Leeo APP works with the iPhone 4S or later and the iPod Touch (5th Gen or later) with iOS 7+.

Nutri Ninja Blender ( ) – $89.99
The Nutri Ninja combines a powerful 900-watt motor with Pro Extractor Blades, designed to break through skins, seeds and even stems, allowing you to enjoy the full natural benefits of your favorite foods. The Nutri Ninja is ideal for the fitness enthusiast, commuting professional or busy student, as it is capable of blending whole fruits, vegetables and ice into nutrient-complete juices within seconds in convenient single serve cups. Compared to traditional juicing, nutrient and vitamin extraction maintains healthy fiber to help keep consumers fuller, longer.  Product features include 18 and 24 ounce single serve cups, 2 Sip & Seal Lids, 30 recipes and a wellness guide. Its compact design provides for easy storage. This blender is also BPA free, dishwasher safe and microwave safe.

Powered ON Energy Beverage ( ) – $1.99 per bottle
Powered ON is for health-savvy individuals who work hard and play to win. Powered ON is the first and only U.S. beverage to feature ornithine, an amino acid that recently received GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status in October of 2013. Combining the proprietary, energy boosting and sustaining blend of ornithine and caffeine, this refreshing energy beverage is naturally sweetened, low calorie, and infused with essential B vitamins. Powered ON fuels endurance, increases stamina, and enhances focus. An added perk: it’s flavorful too! Finally, there’s a functional beverage that truly tastes good. When you want to perform at your full potential, join the “bevolution” and Power ON.

Vapormones ( – $12.95
Spray Thin ( – $29.95

Smell and spritz your way to better health with these two ingenious products. Vapormones are concentrated, natural, aromatic volatile scents that are scientifically formulated to stimulate specific areas of the brain to trigger various positive reactions in the body, ranging from appetite suppression to pain relief. Vapormones are in the form of nicotine-free e-liquids for use in vaping pens, vaporizers and e-hookahs. There are 14 different Vapormones formulas that are manufactured in the USA in a FDA registered nutritional products manufacturing facility. Another product leveraging the power of smell is Spray Thin–a specially designed and produced liquid scent spray that sends appetite suppression signals to the brain while eating to help you stop eating sooner. This results in optimal portion control and less snacking in between meals. This liquid appetite suppressant is designed to be sprayed on food during meals or snacks, and will not alter the flavor of the food. Clinical studies have been conducted that show significant weight lost results when used in a six month program. Spray Thin comes in two different flavor sprays, sweet and savory.

Ergotron WorkFit-P Sit-Stand Workstation ( – $299.95
Think and work on your toes with the height-adjustable Ergotron WorkFit-P Sit-Stand Workstation. This elegant, all-aluminum platform is perfect for placing any size MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or other computing device wherever you want to work. Or use it as an extra writing or drawing surface that moves where you do. The WorkFit-P provides an ergonomic, minimalist station that allows you to stand more and sit less—improving your creative output and overall health. The health benefits of standing include reduced risk of heart disease while also increasing good HDL cholesterol levels, strengthened leg, ankle and foot muscles while also increasing balance, increased energy, a boost in metabolism, improved posture and more calories burned than while sitting.

UpCouture Posture Promoting Apparel ( ) $155
UpCouture apparel is literally head and shoulders above the rest with its innovative Up Shirt, the world’s first anti-slouching shirt. Thanks to a pioneering patented active mechanism, extra-thin elastic film built in-between organic cotton layers within the Up Shirt comfortably and gently push and maintain the shoulders in a straight position. The effect is a more aesthetically pleasing image, making the wearer look more composed and even slimmer as a result of improved posture.

Threads 4 Thought Activewear Collection ( $35-$80
Threads 4 Thought’s new sustainable activewear collection combines organic cotton and recycled polyester–made from plastic water bottles–into a chic, sweat-wicking and uber comfortable collection of workout leggings, sports bras and tanks, zip-up jackets and more. Available in fun colors, patterns and prints, the line also has a touch of spandex that ensures a perfect fit. Stylish details like crossback straps, colorblocking, jogging pants and more keeps you totally on-trend. The company also offers an extensive men’s line of apparel and accessories made of organic and recycled materials. Threads 4 Thought Activewear is perfect for the gym, running, yoga, Pilates, Zumba, cycling and any other activity you’re putting your mind to this year!


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