Have you heard about turning a blog into a PDF ebook before?  Not until now!  Because its a brand new technology just hitting the internet by storm.   And my good friend Penny Haynes is the creator of that product. In this podcast Penny spilled the beans about it…

Its a new software called RssZine.  It is amazing!  In addition to turning a series of blog posts into a searchable, downloadable ebook, she also added Turning Page Technology to the mix. Listen to this 28 minute podcast about how to use this cutting edge technology to enhance your online experience and that of your clients and customers.

About Penny: Penny Haynes is a Multimediapreneur, Web & Software Programmer and Audio/Video Producer and Trainer. Penny works with large corporations such as Lifetime Television for Women as well as individual entrepreneurs. Penny specializes in working with audio/video novices, and creating tools to help entrepreneurs get more mileage out of the content they create in text, image, audio and video formats.  She is the brains behind the two latest software platforms RssZine and Commercial Creation Center.

Two of the resoucrces Penny recommended during the call:

My Minisite Graphic by Semmy Lauw ~ At Only $17 for an ebook cover Penny said this service offers the lowest priced, high quality graphics she have ever seen.  And she has used the service herself with excellent results.

New Media Transcription by Phyl Herman is a must if you have a podcast, teleseminar, webinar, speech, or other audio or video recordings, there’s money to be made from that golden content as transcripts, articles, RSS e-zines, or it could even become your next book! New Media Transcription services includes basic editing and help strategically promote you on the hottest social media as part of their services.

Click on the Podcast icon BELOW to download and listen to NOW or to listen LATER. If that link does not work, click here: http://tinyurl.com/mtj4zd